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2005/09/21 Using Solis Agaricus in Everything!

My husband is an African American musician, 60 years old. He had a tumor around his nipple, and he was scheduled to have operation. At this stage, I considered trying Agaricus, but I was hesitating because of the cost. But after a while, he started to feel discomfort in his colon, had to go to bathroom frequently, so this time I suspect colon cancer. He also has a small tumor in the back of his head, and had discomfort breathing once in a while. I convinced him saying “If you are indebted, you still can play. But if you are not in good shape, you can not do anything.” We started to brew strong Solis Agaricus S-11 powder tea and drink them a couple of times a day.The pain in his breast tumor disappeared in two weeks, the tumor itself got smaller and was gone in a month. The feeling on the skin came back completely in two months. He did not have to take the surgery.The colon discomfort was gone before we knew it, and the colon test was OK. He seems so well lately, the breathing problem and stubborn cough are gone. I see black hair growing so rapidly on the bold part of his head. He does not care, but it seems to me like a good sign of recovery.Currently I put Solis Agaricus SS-11powder in everything I can, canned soup, bloody mary mix, rice cooker, soup noodle, curry, meat sauce.I believe that it would enhance our immune system and eventually improve our constitution.
Musician’s Spouse (Chicago)


2002/05/07 Second Chance

Four decades of heavy drinking and smoking finally caught up with my father-in-law, and with a vengeance. Norihiko developed kidney failure, diabetes, and glaucome. He tried to avoid dealing with the symptoms, but this only led to an attack that put him in the hospital for a month. The many people around him in Tateyama, Japan, reacted in many different ways, but the one thing that everyone agreed upon was that his end was right around the corner.

Norihiko was eventually released from the hospital, but life was not the same. It was physically impossible for him to resume his social rounds at the bars and coffee shops, much less his late-night mah jong excursions. And ofcourse, work was out, which had previously been as much a social outlet as it was his place of business. He had no energy for anything, not even climbing a single flight of stairs. And although his time had instantly become very precious, most of it was taken up with trips to a dialysis ward, each visit costing seven hours. The doctors used a grim prognosis to push for more frequent dialysis visits and postponed—indefinitely–the last of eight eye surgeries that would finally correct his vision. In a nutshell, he was doomed to a lifeless, social-less, vision-less existence that would go downhill from there.

When he heard of Royal Agaricus, we were pretty skeptical but very desperate. My father-in-law was even more skeptical. He grew to like the taste very quickly, however, so we knew he would at least give it a chance.

Soon after we returned to Chicago, my mother-in-law called to say that Norihiko was feeling better. And better! His body regained strength, energy, and the basic ability to function. The water retained in his chest, abdomen, even around the brain that the dialysis could not get rid of, was now disappearing on its own. The doctors said he did not need to increase the number of visits and he was well enough to undergo the eye surgery, which he did successfully.

Norihiko regularly goes for long walks in the middle of day, visits friends at coffee shops, has been caught smoking, and–against everyones advice–stayed up until 2am playing mah jong. Admittedly, the latter are not healthy habits, but it truly has been a joy for everyone to see him “live” again. Everione is amazed. His doctors are astounded. No medicine, treatment, diet, or lifestyle could reverse the downward spiral of his health until he began taking Royal Araricus. It is now and will forever be a part of his daily dietary regimen. We hope that this will be long time, and we are certain that Norihikos “second chance” is due to your magical product.

Mark B. (Chicago, IL)


1999/09/10 Agaricus Helped Me…

Date of voice : 1999/09/10
It was spring last year, on the way back from cherry blossom viewing party sponsored by my company, when suddenly I felt a pain in my right chest and side. At first, I just tried to rationalize that, “It must be from my playing badminton for the first time in so many years.” However, the next day I still had the pains, so straightaway I was off to see a doctor at one of the major hospitals located in Osaka City. Since that day, I have been an on going cancer patient.

From the test result, my doctors diagnosis was breast cancer. One week
after this day, chemical treatment (chemotherapy) and hormone treatments were administered to me. As all cancer patients say, I too truly believed that, “I never thought that I would ever become a cancer patient.”

Even though the doctor told me that I had a cancer, I still could only think, “Why me!” Under such confusion, the one only help received was that my primary doctor had purposefully given me an informed consent.
Under my circumstance, there was going to be a few months from the day of cancer diagnosis until the day of surgery. I thus had the opportunity to read many books and ask many questions to the principal doctors.

The reason why I did not receive immediate surgery was because my right breast tumor size was a large 7cm. Such a large removal would surely require a skin graft. My primary doctor showed his consideration because of my age at that time I was only 36 years old. He must have felt much sympathy for my circumstances! Consequently, he came up a plan to make this tumor smaller. So first was suggested the administrating of anti-cancer treatments, then later conducting the surgery. Oh, no. Breast cancer! Anti-cancer treatment! The unknown side affects! Considerable uncertainty was dominating my every thought! Surrounding people (parents, brothers and sisters, and relatives) by now were even more panicky than myself.

Then here comes AGARICUS into my life. By chance, my cousin had a business selling AGARICUS. When he became aware of my condition, he sent me fine powder of AGARICUS (SS11) and concentration extract (SS11). This is the so called, “a person drowning will even grab a straw syndrome!” I too decided to grab for whatever would be good for my body! If it could help me to relieve those anti-cancer treatment side effects even a little bit, I must try it. That is the reason why I first started to use the health food AGARICUS.

What happened? Generally, it is said that numbers of white blood cells go down because of side affect of anti-cancer treatments, however mine remained always within the normal range. My primary doctor said each time, “Strange! Probably because of your youth!” whenever he had to give me the medications. I really desired to make the tumor as small as possible before my surgery. I religiously took AGARICUS (SS11) during the same time period as the hospital treatments. Additionally every morning and evening, I rubbed cream of AGARICUS (SS11) on my right chest which was scheduled to be removed.

Until the very last day before my surgery, I continually implored my doctor for a partial mastectomy (the method not to totally remove the entire breast), thus keeping as much of me as possible. Actually, by that time the tumor in my chest shrank to as little as 2cm. My wishes to keep most of it became very plausible.

Result of my surgery, my right chest remained as it was. Next came follow up radiotherapy treatment. I received radio treatment as an outpatient for the succeeding 5 weeks. The doctor of radiologist mentioned “My case was very rare.” After the radiotherapy treatment, anti-cancer medication started again. During that time I ofcourse continuously took tea of AGARICUS (SS11). Despite having repeated treatments one after another, everybody at my hospital and work place commented to me that I appeared in such “Good health!” I myself thought that my body was resilient.

There is a reason for these results. This is because of AGARICUS (SS11).
I still go to the hospital. Nevertheless, I still enjoy my life and my work by doing as much normal activities as possible.

A final bit of information, the 2cm piece removed from my body was a solid lump of fat tissue. There was 8mm-cancer tissue in it, but it was totally destroyed.

Nao H (Osaka,Japan)

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