EarthWash JB10 for Fruit & Vegetable


EarthWash JB-10 :果物野菜洗浄剤


EarthWash JB10
   for Vegetable & Fruit

                                     Item: EWJB-10      
EW2p1L 1 Bottle 270cc (8 oz)

★ FIVE Characteristics

1) Sterilization, antibacterial action

    REMOVE 99.9% of Bacteria

O-157,Salmonella,Staphylococcus aureus, etc.

2) The removal of the residue-pron

    agricultural chemical,anti-mold power

   REMOVE over 98% farm chemicals

3) Freshness maintenance

    Unsaturated fatty acid and Vitamin E will keep food

fresh by giving nutrition

4) Hands are not getting rough

    Effects of holding in moisture

No harm even if you swallow it

(But,it is not a drink)

5)  Saving water  


since there is no toxicity
*Tested by Japan Food Research Laboratories
*Tested by Japan Micro-organic Research Center
Authorized by the Japanese Government

How to Use 

1)  Dilute the detergent approx. 100times,

    submerge Vegetable or Fruit in about 15 min.

   Example :

   It is undiluted solution of two scale (20cc)

   for 1/2 gallon’s water.

2)  Soak fruit and vegetables that you want to

   wash in the solution about 15 min.

3)   Put them in a container such as a colandars,

    and rinse them out quickly.

4)  The solution made 1) is reusable for two or

three days.


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