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This has been done before and can give good results. Debunking the Myth, Ikea GENEVAD Review | Turner Chair Knockoff. See more ideas about Brick, Brick wall, Plaster walls. As your local hardware store for stucco or plaster scratch coat, and they can direct you to the brands in stock. Hello, we’re Ian & Kathleen. Larry Simmons is a freelance writer and expert in the fusion of computer technology and business. Whatever you do, don’t make the common mistake of trying to use Plaster of Paris for a stucco fireplace makeover. In … We had minimal plaster experience before beginning this project, so we are proof. It’s okay to play around a bit with consistency until you find what works best for your application style. in information systems, an M.S. Once it's dried, sand it slightly to provide a suitable texture for the adherence of the plaster. This is the layer that will be seen, so make sure to take your time and apply it all evenly. Here is a link to the YouTube video we watched about a billion times before attempting it ourselves — it’s super helpful! Opening A Fireplace Raise Lintel On Ground Floor Chimney Breast Draft Between Brick & Drywall Around Fireplace Concrete, Stone & Masonry Cement Board Over Brick Fireplace Fireplace In Antique Colonial Style Home Interior Stock Before & After: Amanda’s Cozy Cohesive Living Room Cost: Drywalling over a brick fireplace could run about $1,500. Brick slips over the hardi backer board with same adhesive. Unfortunately, especially around the 60’s, many homeowners opted for cheap, trendy brick, which we hate today. Cover the entire surround of the fireplace with a thin layer of stucco, using a metal trowel. Instead, we left everything in place, and framed out the corners to be flush. A German Smear wall looks great in a modern industrial setting, a vintage or traditional setting, add some mid-century furniture and it looks like an urban warehouse. Tinted glazes over the plaster added color and depth. Hi all, our lounge room is very dark. While textures and patterns can add to a space when used appropriately, they’re harder to mix than most people realize. This may not be necessary for your stucco fireplace makeover, if your fireplace is already the shape you’d like it to be. The mortar will ensure a level surface for the backer board. If joining plasterboard to bricks use plenty of plasterboard bonding adhesive at edge then tape and skim, as It will help stop any cracks appearing. More Galleries of Plaster Brick Fireplace :. If your brick has a relatively smooth surface and has not been painted over, you can easily glue drywall onto the brick. Whilst installing for a living, the "smooth-lining with board was my favoured method (over rendering) and approx. Do you need heat resistant paint for a fireplace? Completely clean the brick surface, removing any dirt from the bricks. Sure, there isn’t anything inherently wrong with brick fireplaces. When we saw this stucco fireplace makeover on Fixer Upper, we fell in love with the look. And when I look over at this man, I st, I may be obsessed with growing flowers, but my fav, Bulbs are new for me. Though the space will be filled the texture will remain, leaving a smooth yet texture-rich surface. Allow it to dry at least 30 minutes. Most prefer to use a trowel to apply stucco. Work in sections, and after application the stucco, move onto the next step for each section before beginning a new one. 2. A plaster surface is easy to apply and gives you the option of choosing a variety of textures and colours to match the room's decor. The homeowner used TSP (tri-sodium phosphate) that is an excellent cleaning product for this particular job. It was all warped and bowed, as well, since there was never a level layer beneath the subfloor and the tile. Use the trowel to remove any excess mortar that may escape from the edges of the cementitious backer board. Stucco fireplaces are a breeze to paint. Lime plaster is the traditional finish for houses pre-1919, but may have been used up until the 1950s when plasterboard and gypsum took over. Place the cementitious backer board onto the mortar, nailing it into place with galvanised nails. Jun 18, 2019 - Explore Polly Scott's board "LOFT brick and plaster walls", followed by 618 people on Pinterest. He has a B.S. The first coat is known as the “scratch” coat, or base coat. Give the first coat 10 hours to dry, and then apply a second coat of plaster, this time using a 30 degree slope. Sand and cement ready mixed (just add water) and pointed brick slips. This is exactly why we chose to do a stucco fireplace makeover on our brick fireplace. A plaster surface is easy to apply and gives you the option of choosing a variety of textures and colours to match the room's decor. in communications technology, as well as significant work towards an M.B.A. in finance. Click here to watch how we tackled this stucco fireplace makeover project. Place the tape over any joints in the backer board to prevent movement in the mortar or bricks beneath the board translating to the plaster surface, causing cracks in the plaster. Plaster is an awesome product, when applied correctly. DO NOT make the mistake of trying to use Plaster of Paris for this job. Although we still have to add the transition strips to complete the look, our stucco fireplace makeover project is nearly complete! I planted these double daffo, Swipe for before ➡️ Our stairwell remodel is f, This error message is only visible to WordPress admins, Japanese Knotweed Removal in One Season on a Budget, Attic Master Suite Project Beginning & Floorplan, 25 Gardening Mistakes You’ll Probably Make This Year, Cost Of Owning Chickens | Complete Budget Breakdown, Chicken Farm House Design | Pretty & Efficient, How To Clean Stainless Steel Pans WITHOUT Scrubbing, Billie vs Athena Razor Subscription | The Key Differences, Ruggable Review | Pros & Cons After 6 Months, Stucco Fireplace Makeover Tutorial for Beginners, Honest Pros and Cons of IKEA Sektion Cabinets, Dark vs Light Bathroom Tile Considerations, Sour Crop Home Treatment | Step by Step Instructions, Are Doorless Showers Cold? Refresh With a New Mantel. You need through draft up chimney. Any ideas, tips or suggestions? Use upward strokes at an angle, rather than from side to side or up and down. Since the fireplace had a layer of soot on it especially near the opening, it needed to be cleaned. Our previous fireplace hearth had sort of a nondescript red square tile. You could PVA your rendered walls and finish your chimney breast with British Gypsums Multi Finish plaster. The goal is to have straight corners and an even layer of material. We’re currently rehabbing a 100 year-old country craftsman charmer. All in all, it took us roughly two weeks to complete our stucco fireplace makeover. If you decide you want to renovate your brick chimney, skim coat cement over it, and either leave it that way or cover it with tile or a stone facade on top of the cement. There are tons of modern fireplace designs that use tile & wood (not really legal or safe, by the way), but we wanted something that would blend seamlessly with our 100-year old house. Brick, however, is one of those materials that just screams how much money was put into it. Check out some of Fixer Upper’s hottest fireplace makeovers. Either purchase ready-made stucco, or … Place the third and final coat onto the surface using a 45 degree slope, filling in the spaces left by the X-shaped application. in economics, an M.S. The other option is to use Victus Heat Resistant plaster. We are 100% on-board with the less-is-more movement in home design. Our walls are stucco, and I love the very gentle “sandy” texture of the rough plaster. Allow an additional 10 hours drying time. You are safe with brick, stone and plaster as these are NON-combustible materials. If you have ever considered painting your brick fireplace white, I highly encourage you to read today’s cautionary tale. Prime the backer board with a thin layer of drywall compound applied with a broad knife. By dabbing each section with a wet sponge, we were able smooth out the plaster before it dried. Guess you could just use a sand and cement render over the board but won't look great. If so, we’d love to hear how it went! However there is a chance the plaster can crack due to the extreme temperatures which deems the job useless. We now have a Stucco Fireplace Makeover Tutorial video on YouTube! 2 internal brick walls, a cedar ceiling and only 2 windows. Copyright 2021 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved. Refacing a brick fireplace with plaster is an excellent way to give an old fireplace an updated look. Can you lay ceramic tile over existing ceramic floor tile? We always recommend consulting with the pros directly. About Portola’s Roman Clay. We wanted an overall uniform appearance for our stucco fireplace, but preferred a little “sandy” grain texture as well. He's published several hundred articles with Demand Studios. The reporter from the Times described the result in glowing terms: "The brick hidden behind plaster walls was exposed, as was the brick beneath the stucco on the facade." Because we love the minimalist, zen vibe, the brick fireplace in our living room had to go. Ultimately, we decided on white. Even a beginner can follow attempt a stucco fireplace makeover for awesome results. For the second layer add a bit of texture to the plaster by using an X-shaped motion. Structo-Lite plaster rendering over a brick or cinder block fireplace, structo-lite is for interiors - YouTube. Demolli Fine Art Studio: Venetian Plaster - Stucco Veneziano. We've sort of been all over the place with house repairs around the upstairs of our home lately — we've been tackling a few plumbing issues, repairing wall damage in two rooms and even opened up the plaster wall in Brandon's room to expose the brick chimney hiding underneath. Permanently repair cracked plaster walls→, Perfect Type of Brick for Building a Barbecues→. Our Failed Insulation Inspection and Remedy. We used a roller for both, and a brush to get the hard-to-reach corners. (Swipe for before) We’ve had a lot of questions, Just posted a video tutorial on how we made all ou, 7 years in.

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