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During a Care of Magical Creatures lesson, Draco Malfoy was attacked by Buckbeak the hippogriff after he approached it without caution and insulted it, even after Hagrid had stated that this was an extremely dangerous thing to do. Pansy took the opportunity to openly criticise him. He told her to go ahead without him, as he wanted to check to see if Harry really was spying on him, as he thought he saw Harry's trainers. Gender Both she and Draco were like leaders amongst their friends, and used this position to bully other students. They no longer spread rumors. Title(s) She was excited she was finally able to attend. There has recently been a fandom theory questioning Pansy's motives for wanting Voldemort to take Harry during the Battle; whether it is the obvious idea that she is a cruel person, as the series often shows, or whether she is genuinely hoping that if he is handed over, Voldemort will not attack the school. See more ideas about pansy parkinson, scarlett byrne, harry potter. May 26, 2017 - Explore Ainsley Bitch's board "pansy parkinson", followed by 109 people on Pinterest. [7] In their fifth year, Pansy and Draco were both made the Prefects of Slytherin, and both had joined the Inquisitorial Squad. [3], Pansy with Draco and the rest of his Slytherin gang. Pansy did not adjust well to school. She was not a very kind person and often teased and insulted almost anybody outside of Slytherin House. Pansy Parkinson began her education at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in 1991 and was sorted into Slytherin House. Pansy was born in Great Britain or Ireland. Pansy and other Squad members were jinxed, hexed and cursed during a student rebellion after Fred and George Weasley's departure from Hogwarts; Pansy missed a day of classes while recovering from a hex that made her sprout a pair of antlers. Potter's there! As Pansy was born after the directory was published, it is unknown if she was pure-blood … Pansy was sorted into Slytherin House and in her fifth year became a prefect. Draco Malfoy, her former friend and whom she had a crush on, Pansy got on seemingly well with Draco Malfoy during their school years. Looking down, Harry saw the pug-faced Pansy Parkinson right at the front of the stands, her back to the pitch. Harry Potter thought of Pansy as \"hard-faced\" or \"pug-faced\" on more than one occasion. Pansy did not seem to get along with any students outside of the house of Slytherin, particularly other girls and Gryffindors. All Pansy hoped to be was enough to make her parents view her as more than a nuisance, as pug faced Parkinson. Pansy R Parkinson was born circa 1898, at birth place, Ohio, to Samuel J Parkinson and Ollie M Parkinson. She said that she "never thought Parvati would like fat little cry-babies". [4], Pansy laughing about Draco's Densaugeo hex accidentally hitting Hermione. He told her a story about her Mother when they attended Hogwarts, that reassured her, and sent her to school with confidence. Pansy and others mocking Harry Potter about his fear of Dementors. He favoured students in his own House but still expected a lot from them. Character study. Pansy accompanied Draco to the Yule Ball that Christmas, wearing frilly pink robes. She was in tears after the attack and was concerned enough to follow him to the Hospital Wing. Later on in her regime, Umbridge created a group called the Inquisitorial Squad, of which Pansy was a member. Despite her nastiness, Pansy was ultimately a weak-willed coward, incapable of thinking or acting for herself, and simply followed Draco and his lackeys around out a desire to feel powerful and important. Parkinson familyHogwarts School of Witchcraft and WizardrySlytherinInquisitorial SquadDraco Malfoy's gangLord VoldemortDeath Eaters (unofficial) Similarly, she and her fellow Slytherins joined Hufflepuff in supporting Cedric Diggory, whom they considered to be "the real Hogwarts champion" for the Triwizard Tournament during the 1994-1995 school year, but this was likely done less out of kindness or respect for Cedric, and more out of a desire to denigrate and antagonise Harry Potter (who Pansy and most Slytherins looked down upon). As a Slytherin, Pansy was probably one of the favoured students and would not have been on the receiving end of their brutal and unfair punishments. For instance, in the generation of the. [4], By 1994, possible romantic feelings between the two had developed, as they attended the Yule Ball together. She was often seen fawning over him and Draco seemed to greatly enjoy her attention. Her hair is dark and wavy, eyes whiskey to dark brown depending on her mood. Though things began rapidly changing, Fifth year was by far, Pansy's favorite year. This was the start of a long-lived mean streak for Pansy. no:Petrea Parkasen Parkinson developed a dominant cruel personality and believed from a young age that she was superior to muggles. Pansy wouldn't have any of it, and fought back, she was too proud. https://harry-potter-compendium.fandom.com/wiki/Pansy_Parkinson This part is controversial with the fandom, as it is not consistent with McGonagall's character to send students to the dungeon. Pansy was sorted intoSlytherin Houseand in her fifth yearbecame aprefect. Before Harry could speak, there was a massive movement. In the same year she became a member of the short-livedInquisitorial Squad. In the same year she became a member of the short-lived Inquisitorial Squad. Also that year, a slightly softer side of Pansy was shown when she clearly expressed (although she later tried to conceal) a fondness for unicorns during a Care of Magical Creatures class. ro:Pansy Parkinson, The Neptolumbia Wiki has 0 images related to. Her parents were often gone, Pansy spent a great deal time with caretakers and family. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - Care for magical creatures, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 - McGonagall sends the Slytherin students away (HD). One piece was the making up of false rumours which detailed that Harry and Hermione were romantically involved. She instantly took a leadership role in her small circle of friends, bossy and used to getting her way, taking after her mother, she would exclude other children from activities and events and games if they had wronged her. Loyalty She continued strengthening her relationship with her friends, and secured her position as not only Princess of the girls dormitory, but Princess of the Slytherin house. Pansy, along with the all students in the Slytherin House, roared with applause at this, save for Draco who was still brewing over his decision to become a Death Eater. Pansy lived in 1910, at address , Ohio. After Draco was sent to the hospital wing because of Harry's curse Sectumsempra Pansy immediately visited him.[6]. Pansy had 7 siblings: Hattie B Parkinson , Samuel E Parkinson and 5 other siblings . Ooh, sticking up for Longbottom? On 1 May, 1998, Lord Voldemort approached the school with his Death Eater army, and offered those inside the Hogwarts castle a chance to turn Harry Potter over to him in exchange for sparing them all. Hey, Potter! When the final battle of the Second Wizarding War broke out at Hogwarts on 2 May, 1998 Pansy spoke up in favour of turning Harry Potter over to Lord Voldemort. The topic of this page has a wikia of its own: Harry Potter Wiki. Students that all have been teased by Pansy at some point during their education. Friends:lots Slytherin Pansmione Bisexual Draco and Astoria also had a son together, whom they named Scorpius. However, in doing so, he misread the public mood; the wizarding public was tired of anti-Muggle sentiment and wanted peace. She was a member of the Parkinson family and a possible descendent of Perseus Parkinson, a former Minister for Magic. She also tended to take great amusement in seeing others publicly embarrassed or hurt. At some point during her time at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Pansy had either teased or offended Angelina Johnson, Neville Longbottom, Parvati Patil, Hermione Granger, Harry Potter, multiple members of the Weasley family, Cho Chang, and Cedric Diggory. Harry Potter got the impression that she and Draco were cosier than ever during their sixth year. House Často je v knize zmiňována jako vůdkyně party zmijozelských děvčat. But, he's there! She was also popular with the girls; Millicent Bulstrode, Tracey Davis, and Daphne Greengrass. During Pansy's fourth year, Hogwarts hosted the Triwizard Tournament, a special wizarding event that attracted a lot of media attention. Pansy Parkinson Judging by the amusement Pansy expressed when Blaise Zabini made a rude comment about Ginny Weasley being a "filthy blood traitor",[6] her association with the then-prejudiced Draco Malfoy as well as the stance she expressed just before the Battle of Hogwarts, she was most likely a prejudiced pure-blood herself. Throughout her education, she would belittle countless other students whom she disliked. This could simply have been flattery on Rita's part, or because in her fourth year, Rita seemed to hold grudges, that most likely were not personal, against Harry Potter and was rude to numerous others. This opinion may have been influenced by his enmity with her friend, Draco Malfoy, and her Head of House, Professor Snape.However, Rita Skeeter described Pansy as \"pretty and vivacious\" in her article about Hermione Granger during her fourth year. For all of her many obvious character failings, Pansy was still made a prefect in her fifth year. This opinion may have been influenced by his enmity with her friend, Draco Malfoy, and her Head of House, Professor Snape. When Hagrid returned to his teaching post, Pansy crudely remarked to Dolores Umbridge that it was difficult to understand him when he spoke, and that everyone hated his subject, while giggling herself. Parkinson was raised in high pureblood society along Daphne Greengrass and Draco Malfoy. nl:Patty Park between 1 September 1979 and 31 August 1980Great Britain or Ireland[1] She soon became good friends with fellow Slytherin boys Draco Malfoy, Vincent Crabbe, and Gregory Goyle. Never thought. They were both sorted into Slytherin house and each had dominant personalities, both being leaders in their house. members in the girls' bathrooms and grabbed the list of names as evidence. 1979/1980) was a witch in Harry Potter's year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. As Pansy was born after the directory was published, it is unknown if she was pure-blood herself. Sadistic, mean-spirited, and petty, Pansy often bullied and teased Gryffindor students, as well as students in general. She also recognized Daphne Greengrass, though they hadn't communicated much until that moment. Ivy is the only child and daughter of Pansy Parkinson, and the girlfriend of Scorpius Malfoy. She wore a pink dress with cream colored sheer robes. Like other members of Slytherin, Pansy respected their Head of House, Snape, and enjoyed his teasing and taunting of Gryffindor students. She attended Hogwarts from 2001 to 2008. Her Head of House. You go on, I just want to check something. During this infiltration, Harry Potter fainted in the presence of a Dementor and Pansy was one of the Slytherin students who took to mocking him for this throughout the rest of the school year. [5], Pansy expressing her concerns for Draco on the Hogwarts Express. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Pansy attempted to unsettle Harry before a game by telling him that C. Warrington planned on knocking him off his broom. Later on in the year when she saw Harry Potter and Cho Chang out on a date on Valentine's Day, Pansy insulted them both. Fifth year was a time of change, both in the wizarding world and at Hogwarts. She might have targeted them in particular because of Harry Potter's aforementioned hostile relationship with Draco Malfoy (and also his general unpopularity among Slytherins), but it seems that by all appearances she just had a fondness for tormenting other students in general. She was born into the Parkinson family, members of the Sacred Twenty-Eight. Pansy left Hogwarts with her house-mates, and likely was not one of the few to return as reinforcements during the Battle of Hogwarts with Professor Slughorn. Pure-blood or half-blood[2] The Yule Ball that Pansy attended with Draco Malfoy. Pansy Parkinson is a most likely Pure-Blood witch who attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and was sorted into Slytherin House. She spoke to her father the summer before school, revealing more than she had ever to him. [6], Pansy and others onboard the Hogwarts Express as Death Eaters storm the train. Japanese Pansy Parkinson; Korean Daphne Greengrass; Part Veela Malfoys; Unrealistic Depiction of a mental hospital; Bisexual Pansy Parkinson; Bisexual Harry Potter; Bisexual Blaise Zabini; ima quit here there are only two token straights in slytherin okay i wont be here all day; Lesbian Daphne Greengrass; Underage Drinking; Summary Although Pansy was not overly fond of the woman, she knew that friends in high places were good friends to have and her parents pushed Pansy to do just that. Jan 16, 2013 - Explore Alysson Eliacin's board "Pansy Parkinson" on Pinterest. Also in Potions that year Horace Slughorn would be filling in for Snape after he took on his new position as Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor. Pansy Parkinson (357) Neville Longbottom (343) Draco Malfoy (190) Hermione Granger (176) Harry Potter (153) Ron Weasley (122) Blaise Zabini (90) Ginny Weasley (88) Luna Lovegood (82) Theodore Nott (71) Include Relationships Neville Longbottom/Pansy Parkinson (414) Hermione Granger/Draco Malfoy (65) Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter (63) She attended the ball with Draco Malfoy. She carried with her an expectation she felt she couldn't meet. The. Blood status Instead she may have been among the Slytherin students that Voldemort told Lucius Malfoy had come to join him. When she is older, she hopes to be in the Department of Mysteries. 1 Biography 1.1 Sixth year 1.2 Pansy: "Even you think she's good looking, don't you, Blaise, and we all know how hard you are to please!" Pansy was present on 1 September, 1997 aboard the Hogwarts Express when Death Eaters stormed the train in search of Harry Potter. Pansy Parkinson (557) Hermione Granger (322) Draco Malfoy (295) Ron Weasley (200) Ginny Weasley (175) Blaise Zabini (159) Daphne Greengrass (119) Luna Lovegood (111) Theodore Nott (106) Include Relationships Pansy Parkinson/Harry Potter (660) Hermione Granger/Draco Malfoy (173) Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley (67) Ginny Weasley/Blaise Zabini (52) "Looking down, Harry saw the pug-faced Pansy Parkinson right at the front of the stands, her back to the pitch." Cassiopeia "Cass" Parkinson has been friends with two muggles since she was nine and they were the highlight of her week.

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