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71602 Parcel Viewer is not affiliated with any government agency. PROPERTY Viewer. White Hall AR A survey contains the legal description of a property including the bearings and distances (metes and bounds), and other items like building setbacks, easements, etc. 870-541-5311, Pine Bluff City Clerk All other maps are for taxing purposes only and cannot be used to locate property lines accurately. 1820 Jefferson Street. Please enable it to continue. 212 Brodie Street This website doesn't work properly without JavaScript enabled. 71601 It allows the user to view property lines, ownership data, land use, contours, taxing districts, and more for Jefferson County, Missouri. 71601 This is a true legal representation of the property. Altheimer AR A fee may be charged to cover the cost of creating this data. Its county seat is Hillsboro. Jefferson County Parcel Lookup - This app is useful for looking up property information about any parcel in Jefferson County. The Jefferson County Assessor Office works at the county or local level to determine the value of taxable property in Jefferson County, Arkansas. The subtle difference between a plot plan and a site plan is that a plot plan is for a single residence or single building whereas a site plan encompasses a larger area; such as an industrial park, commercial development, or large subdivision. Jefferson County Parcel Map. Custom maps include data that may or may not be available on the GIS Parcel Map that is requested in such a way that the standard GIS Parcel Map is not applicable. New Search Capabilities. Jefferson County GIS Maps are cartographic tools to relay spatial and geographic information for land and property in Jefferson County, Georgia. Mr. However, the Jefferson County Code Enforcement division does accept the Assessor’s GIS Parcel Map with proposed locations drawn in by the owner. 9009 Dollarway Road Pine Bluff AR Resources. You can use the options below to find property based on Parcel Number, Owner Name, Property Address, or Subdivision Name. Sign Up to Receive Emergency Alerts and Community Notifications. Welcome to the Jefferson County Parcel Map Internet Application. Port Townsend, … Select a search type, then enter one or more search terms. 71602 Box 1220. Parcel Viewer is not affiliated with any government agency. These items are not always provided on the plats. The Code Enforcement division uses the term "Site Plan" for this type of map. Connect with Us. Data can also be requested outside the scope of the Assessor’s responsibilities or beyond a reasonable expectation. Jefferson County, Missouri. PO Box 7433 The Jefferson County Town or City Hall provides municipal services for their town or city, including maintaining property-related documents in Jefferson County, Arkansas. Parcel viewer information may be available through the Jefferson County Clerk Office website. Information found on Parcel Viewer is strictly for informational purposes and does not construe legal or financial advice. Click to View Map Viewer : Click for Parcel Data : Jefferson County Resource Maps Page : Jefferson County New York 175 Arsenal Street Watertown, NY 13601 Phone: (315)785-3000 He took office on September 1st, 2017, and was re-elected in November, 2020. Property Search Options. Access assessor parcel search tools and maps. Recorders of Deeds have records on every parcel under their authority, and they may provide a parcel viewer to look up this information. 870-766-8229, Pine Bluff City Hall Phone: 814-849-1694. 101 East Barraque Street These records can include parcel viewers, which contain information on every parcel in the town or city. Business PERSONAL PROPERTY. A survey is a report of the results of a field survey performed by a licensed land surveyor and can be used to prove the legal boundaries of a property. ADRC Contact Us Employee Login. Other elements include the location of North, driveway and road location, utilities, private well/septic, etc. Welcome to the Department of the County Assessor. These Jefferson County parcel maps can include information on parcel boundaries, unclaimed parcels, public property, and parcel divisions. 71601 The Code Enforcement division uses the term "Site Plan" for this type of map. 308 Front Street Pine Bluff AR Jefferson County Recorders of Deeds may also have information on property appraisals, property taxes, and zoning boundaries. Data bears no indication of the actual location of the property lines. This program provides access to the parcel layers that you can: View and select parcels graphically; Print maps; Perform queries using Parcel ID and Schedule Number; Link to static parcel maps (requires Adobe Reader) Link to tabular information from the Assessor's appraisal database Plat Maps or Subdivision Plat Maps are available from the Recorder of Deeds Department. The Jefferson County GIS tax map system is considered the leader in the state of Alabama. Search Jefferson County, TX property records by Owner Name, Account Number, or Street Address. Assessor Locator Grid maps and Public Land Survey System (PLSS) maps showing the location of township, range, surveys, and sections, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Available for Pickup, Maintain property maps and taxing entity boundaries. These Jefferson County parcel viewers may also provide information on property appraisal values, zoning boundaries, and property tax assessments, and they can be used to locate unclaimed parcels, public property, and look up property owner information. This information is often available to the public on the Town or City Hall website. The Assessor has established a policy to make office records as open and easy to obtain as possible. Jefferson County Offical Website, Rigby ID. With Parcel Viewer you can: search for parcels by parcel number, address or condo name; zoom in far enough to see parcel boundaries, then single click on a parcel to get summary information and links to complete info ; activate the "select parcels" mode to select many parcels with a line or area that you draw on the map The office staff is knowledgeable and can answer most inquiries over the phone or by email. Clerks keep documents on every parcel in Jefferson County, which can include parcel viewers that show parcel maps, boundary lines, and divisions between parcels. These Jefferson County parcel maps can include information on parcel boundaries, unclaimed parcels, public property, and parcel divisions. Parcel Map Web Map by JeffersonCountyALgis. Soil productivity information is sourced from the Web Soil Survey developed by the National Cooperative Soil Survey and operated by the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). description: This application is free. ... Jefferson County Courthouse. GIS stands for Geographic Information System, the field of data management that charts spatial locations. Fax: Address: 200 Main Street, Brookville, PA 15825 Example: highlight parcels within 1 mile of subject parcel or city boundary map showing properties that have 10 or more acres. The county was included as the mean center of U.S. population in 1980. New Search Tool - Allows for a more focused search experience which supports suggested hints. Note: Bradley, Chester, Davidson (Nashville), Hamilton (Chattanooga), Hickman, Knox (Knoxville), Montgomery, Rutherford, Shelby (Memphis), Sumner, and Williamson Counties maintain their own sites.Links to those sites can be found in the Help section. To search for sales please click the "Sales Search" above. Privacy Policy Two computers are available at the front counter for public access to records and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data including: Property records are available online under the Personal Property and Real Estate Search. Jefferson County GIS Maps are cartographic tools to relay spatial and geographic information for land and property in Jefferson County, Tennessee. Map sizes are 8.5 by 11, 24 by 24, and 36 by 36. Redfield AR There are 17,392 agricultural parcels in Jefferson County, PA and the average soil rating, as measured by NCCPI, is 29. ; For questions on how to use the site, Click Here. White Hall AR The Jefferson County Clerk Office maintains public records for a county or local government, including vital documents and property-related records in Jefferson County, Arkansas. The Site Plan is usually 8.5 by 11 and can be printed from the Assessor’s Property Viewer free of charge or at the Assessor’s front counter for $5. Surveys are recorded with the Recorder of Deeds at the individual’s discretion; surveys are not required to be recorded with Jefferson County. Third party advertisements support hosting, listing verification, updates, and site maintenance. Road Map - Roads including major and minor with municipalities as reference. Once approved the plat map is recorded with the Recorder of Deeds. Jefferson County Clerk A plat map or subdivision plat is drawn by land surveyors and submitted to the Jefferson County planning division for approval. The assessor’s data files (tax rolls) are available for purchase in digital format. 72132 Maps and Geographic Information Systems page.. Planning & Zoning Online Map. 71611 Altheimer AR Assessor Offices maintain information on these parcels, including Jefferson County parcel maps, boundary lines, and parcel divisions. Pine Bluff AR Pine Bluff AR 200 East 8th Avenue Town and City Halls may also have records on property appraisals, zoning boundaries, current and former property owners, and property taxes, which may be presented in the Jefferson County parcel viewer.

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