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London, England, United Kingdom About Blog Jo Fletcher Books is part of the Quercus family, a small but perfectly formed list publishing the very best in best science fiction, fantasy and horror. Paper Cities: An Anthology of Urban Fantasy: Senses Five Press Ellen Datlow: The Del Rey Book of Science Fiction and Fantasy: Del Rey Books: John Joseph Adams: The Living Dead: Night Shade Books: Ann VanderMeer: Steampunk: Tachyon Publications: Jeff VanderMeer: Ellen Datlow: The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror 2008: Twenty-First Annual Collection I cannot yell about Tesh’s work enough. 1995. Fans of Caruso’s previous Swords and Fire series will surely be thrilled with this new fantasy release. But rather than settle for just the monstrous, fire-breathing variety, the collection gathers stories inspired by dragons around the world. A forbidden Darkwood? This novella is such a joy to read, full of action and wit. Star Wars The High Republic: Light of the Jedi Review, The City in the Middle of the Night Review, Neil Gaiman's The Sandman To Become Audio Drama, Introducing A Brand New FREE Quarterly Magazine From Den of Geek, How EVE Online Is Changing Players' Lives for the Better. Especially in this quarantine age, if you’re aching for that feeling of being utterly embraced by nature and magic, Drowned Country will provide. My favorite of the stories, however, draws on the legends of men stealing a selkie’s skin to win a wife; in Julie Behren’s “Sea and Hearth,” an otherwise gentle and kind, but lonely, widower happens upon bathing selkies and dares take a skin. @alanajoli, Alana Joli Abbott is a reviewer and game writer, whose multiple choice novels, including Choice of the Pirate and Blackstone Academy for Magical Beginners, are published…, Trail of Lightning: Rebecca Roanhorse Brings Indigenous Futurism to Urban Fantasy, ebook retailers that supports indie bookstores, A Legacy of Slavery in Queen of the Conquered & The Deep. It’s a fantastic resource to study works by titans of the genre, from Ursula K. Le Guin’s “The Ones Who Walk Away from the Omelas” and Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s “A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings” to more recent stories such as Aimee Bender’s “End of the Line” and Victor LaValle’s “I Left My Heart in Skaftafell.” For fervent readers and writers of fantasy, this is a must-have. The Top Epic Fantasy Books. Please don’t hesitate to include your own 2020 fantasy recommendations and favorites on social media! This is a horror anthology, so not all of the stories listed would fall under the term fantasy, but horror can also be dark fantasy. Anthology. Reading new fantasy books has been my top choice, and with the breadth and talent of fantasy releasing in 2020, I’ve had a feast to choose from. Instead of a wife, however, he finds himself with a husband—one whose daughter had her skin stolen years before. This a strong fantasy debut by Roseanne A. Small Beer Press has published some of my favorite collections, and Cotman’s glorious book certainly makes the list. 10. October 1981. Her twin brother’s wedding approaches and she must decide who she is and will become. I read the Girl of Fire and Thorns trilogy early into the pandemic, and its magic system and thoughtful critiques of power and religion was a fantastic escape during those days. A labyrinthian story about a house with infinite rooms and the man who explores it is exactly the kind of story I like to sink into for hours and hours. Imagine the French revolution but with Robespierre as a necromancer. As anthology editors go, Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling are stars. As a huge fan of Clarke’s The Ladies of Grace Adieu and Other Stories and Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, Susanna Clarke’s new novel is sure to be another triumph. The problem is: the ghost won’t leave him alone. Surrender, by Ray Loriga. Addie is faced with an isolating and lonely curse: No one is allowed to remember her. It’s a delightful, fun-filled supernatural mystery. Tender Is the Flesh, by Agustina Bazterrica. October 1983. Brown, including enemies-to-lovers romance, ancient evils, a competition, and all the backstabbing. This short story first appeared in @RebeccaSky's Sunkissed Summer Fantasy Anthology. Ruthless Gods continues the blood magic and war that Wicked Saints left off with, but this time add WAY more body horror, dangerous questing, and this-is-a-bad-time-to-make-out-but-let’s-anyway delicious moments. This has it all. From collections and anthologies to novellas and novels, 2020 has been a magnificent year for the fantasy genre. Spectacular magic battles. Looking for a short fantasy read during quarantine? This may be geared toward young adult readers, but while the stories occasionally embrace YA themes and tropes, they work tremendously well for an adult audience, too. As a huge fan of Novik’s previous novels Uprooted and Spinning Silver, A Deadly Education is at the top of my list for 2020. It’s a timely collection filled with wit and beautiful language. A bandit walks into a coffeehouse. I love, love, love bothersome, attractive ghosts, and the chemistry between Yadriel and Julian is *chefs kiss. It’s got political intrigue and magic, and is a powerful story about the fight for freedom in the early modern world. The long-lived magazine Fantasy & Science Fiction has issued many retrospective anthologies but none more vaunting than this one marking its sixtieth anniversary. The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year: Volume 12, edited by Jonathan Strahan There are several “best of the year” anthologies in the speculative fiction field, and they are a terrific way to keep up with all the great stories being published each year. This is another glorious take about power and forbidden magic. Jemisin starts a new series with The City We Became, this time focusing on New York City, working off of the notion that every great city has a soul. Thank you for signing up! It’s not easy to compress epic fantasy into a novella, but Nghi Vo does so with astonishing skill. Dark feminist fantasy? The Long List Anthology Volume 3. NYC has six. The Fantasy Hall of Fame (1983 anthology) The Fantasy Hall of Fame (1998 anthology) Feeling Very Strange: The Slipstream Anthology. The perfect new fantasy book for our indulgent 21st-century binge culture, A Queen in Hiding is the first in The Nine Realms quartet, which will be released back-to-back from January to April 2020. From the use of extraordinary hearing to solve murders to watching a shapeshifting creature devour its master to having a disembodied voice reveal a horrific secret, these stories are some of the best fantasy (and horror) I’ve read this year. This is a superb feminist fantasy about a handmaiden who befriends the emperor’s lonely wife and becomes a tale of rebellion, love, hope, and anger. An International Treasury of Mystery and Suspense. This anthology from publisher Aurelia Leo exceeded its funding goal on Kickstarter by more than double, and it should hit bookstore shelves and e-readers in August 2020. This anthology will particularly appeal to fantasy readers who also enjoy romance, and it’s fun that the traditional villains have their own chance to shine. The Best Fantasy Books of 2020: A Luminous Republic, by Andrés Barba. Reading new fantasy books has been my top choice, and with the breadth and talent of fantasy releasing in 2020, I’ve had a feast to choose from. Important quests to save the world. Specifically, the stories “Exhalation #10” by A.C. Tolkien Um, yes please. The 60 Best Fantasy Books of All Time Whether you’ve sat around waiting for your Hogwarts letter or looked for Narnia in the back of a closet, you've probably dreamt of stepping into your favorite fantasy books and leaving the real world behind. Anthology. The way the writers spin their versions of mythological or fairy tale characters is engaging and fun, with scenes of physical affection in each one would expect from a steamy romance novel. I am already counting down the days until book six releases in 2021. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. A Book of Horrors ... Anthology. This collection of twenty folktales, retold (or invented) by contemporary fantasy pros, has more headliners on its author list than you can shake a spindle at. This year’s anthology was guest ed… Older’s story is a tie-in to his popular “Bone Street Rumba” series, and is not to be missed for fans of those novels. A Discovery of Witches Season 2 Review (Spoiler Free): Is the Magic Still Strong? … This is a novel that is both heartbreaking and hopeful. Datlow’s annual The Best Horror of the Year is an industry standard, and several of Windling’s anthologies have been nominated for or won World Fantasy Awards. The stories range in length and setting, including colonial Yorubaland and post-apocalyptic settings, and are peopled by gods and goddesses, tricksters, magicians, and middle managers. “There’s something for everyone in this amazing anthology, and it will certainly provide hours of entertainment for anyone who reads it.” —San Francisco Book Review “Spanning six decades (1951-2007), The Very Best of Fantasy & Science Fiction: 60th Anniversary Anthology is an all-star cast of short stories the genre can be proud of.” The gorgeous cover on this anthology caught my eye before its publication, and the promise of “Sixteen Stories of Black Girl Magic, Resistance, and Hope” drew me right in. Dhionelle Clayton and Danny Lore both stick a little closer to home with their magic; Clayton’s literally heart-broken protagonist has to seek out a conjure woman after a break up, and in Lore’s a brash young hair-braider confronts the witch stealing her clients, only to learn hard truths about herself. This best fantasy book for 2020 combines classic coming-of-age narrative ideas with elements of magic, dark fantasy and epic world-building. POLYPHONY edited ... and the fact that its success has been parlayed into the current spate of year’s best books. I recommend Asimov’s Science Fiction, The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, and Clarkesworld for magazines that publish fantasy novellas in their issues and/or online. Anthology. For reference, this category includes works that are at or under 40,000 words. Another is by picking up a really excellent fantasy anthology, such as The Starlit Wood (2016) or The Mythic Dream (2019). A book that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike it is a tale full of adventure, heroism, song and laughter. Here are some you should keep your eyes out for between novels (or just because short fiction is fantastic). While the theme is a sure hit, the author list is an even bigger draw, with authors like R.F. Caldwell and Danielle Page both poke fun—with some clear, fannish love—and modern vampire YA, in their own charming teen romances. Ryx has the power to drain the life from everything she touches, and after accidentally killing someone in self-defense she goes on the run. I am a huge sucker for fun ensemble casts in both books and movies, and this book’s eclectic band of thieves hits all the notes. Whether you’re looking for villains or dragons, tales from lesser-known writers or big-name stars, this year’s fantasy anthologies are filled with diverse voices telling original stories, drawing on the long tradition of fantastic short fiction. Follow three sisters who join the suffragists in New Salem in the late 1800s, and then add some witchcraft to the mix. We see main characters from previous books band together, fight for each other, and most importantly, grieve for each other and what they’ve lost. All the stories in the anthology are solid, and the collection of authors includes both big names, like Rebecca Roanhorse, and relative newcomers. The collection features well-known fantasy names including Delia Sherman, Gregory Maguire, Charles deLint, and Patricia A. McKillip. Given that bookstores are currently closed, picking up this classic as an ebook (especially through one of the ebook retailers that supports indie bookstores) is a sure hit. Most fantasy books ask for a serious commitment but Good Omens is a fully formed, read-in-an-afternoon treat. Its exhaustive narrative spanning multiple continents and thousands of years is too complex to effectively describe here, but all eventually comes back to the Malazan Empire and who gains (as well as who deserves) power within it. She finds a group of magical experts (I love ensemble casts!) Alana Joli Abbott | This book has been described as Sherlock Holmes fanfic, and it’s a fair description: easter eggs and nods to characters and arcs are scattered throughout. However, no woman has survived recruitment year. ... Year's Best Fantasy & Horror. and as groups are wont to do in epic fantasy, they have to save the world. Read 339 reviews from the world's large… Several stories have been previously published in places like Selene Quarterly Magazine and Backstory Magazine; Onoh’s novella, the longest piece, was originally published in Unhallowed Graves. Another is by picking up a really excellent fantasy anthology, such as The Starlit Wood (2016) or The Mythic Dream (2019). Alaya Dawn Johnson and Karen Strong both play with traditional creatures of folklore in their tales; Johnson’s is a tale of a mercreature-turned-human unwilling to return to the sea until her daughter takes fate into her own hands, and Strong’s post-apocalyptic protagonist confronts the boo hag who killed her love. A couple of the stories in the collection rely a little too much on the Disney versions of the tale; editor Kenley’s own “Part of Her World” spins an Ursula/Arielle slash-fic, here as Maris and Alani, that feels more like fan service than an independent story, while Susan Hawes’s “Stygian Nights” uses Disney’s Hercules to fun effect, capturing the voice of the villainous Hades and trading Megara in for the god of death’s own love interest. Fantasy has exploded in the young adult category, ... Sixteen powerhouse authors follow the footsteps of Octavia Butler in this fantastical, otherworldly anthology that explores, as its subtitle declares, “Black girl magic, resistance, and hope.” 1. The Fantastic Swordsmen. Opening with a futuristic story of alien invasion and time travel (“When Life Hands You a Lemon Fruitbomb” by Amerie), the anthology also roams through history, high fantasy, and modern magic. Keep an eye on your inbox. Melissa Caruso returns with a new series with magnificent world-building and deadly magic. This anthology came out just before the quarantine, and Den of Geek covered it here. I’m excited to see just where this anthology transports me! Follow Dr. J.H. Science Fiction & Fantasy Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for science fiction and fantasy enthusiasts. Under the umbrella of new fantasy books, there’s new fantasy short books. Editor and author Caldwell has compiled stories that are different in topic, setting, and tone, but all of them have a note of hope at the end. If you’re looking for different sub-genres of fantasy, check out our new high fantasy, best YA fantasy, and best epic fantasy lists. When we think of the fantasy genre, we usually think of epic fantasy. Cotman utilizes the entire spectrum of fantasy and speculative fiction to write powerful stories on race, power, and human nature. Wise, “From the Balcony of the Idawolf Arms” by Jeffrey Ford, and “Lords of the Matinee” by Stephen Graham Jones are both beautiful and horrifying. This is a beautiful and magical tale of revenge, romance, and revolution. There are so many books to enjoy and so many to still to look forward to releasing later this year. Maybe one of the first modern-day fantasy books, Twain writes about an Engineer from Connecticut who, transporting to the world of King Arthur, tries to modernize the past and create a better future. In Come Tumbling Down, we return to fan favorite characters Jack and Jill from the Moors. Anthologies can also be a fantastic way to introduce you to the works of writers you haven’t previously read—or to follow the world of a favorite author through a different venue. If you’re looking for a genre-defying historical fantasy, then this checks all the boxes. When Melie unravels a conspiracy against the kingdom, she steps up and takes matters into her own hands, proving her own worth—and deciding maybe she never needed approval from others in the first place. With the dumpster fire that is 2020, I have been unapologetically escapist in my reading. A fight ensues. Final Cuts: New Tales of Hollywood Horror and Other Spectacles, The Order of the Pure Moon Reflected in Water. A Fantasy Reader: The Seventh World Fantasy Convention Book. Her father, the emperor, refuses to acknowledge her as his heir, so Lin promises to master the art of bone shard magic. Royal families fighting for control of the kingdom. Add their growing attraction, and things get real interesting. While a new release for 2020, this compendium allows us to explore renowned fantasy stories from the end of World War II to 2010. Carson focuses this book on an orphan who joins the Royal Guard, intent on protecting those dearest to her. Doyle as he teams up with the enigmatic Crow and they both scour London to find Jack the Ripper. The stories don’t shy away from themes of justice and prejudice, and there’s a really lovely range of romantic relationships and gender representation included for an anthology focused on girls. The anthology also features black and white line art from Rovina Cai, which may ordering a hard copy for your book shelf the best bet. Ibañez crafts a beautiful fantasy in this book about Ximena, who can spin thread from moonlight. Empire of Dreams is set in the same world as the Girl of Fire and Thorns trilogy but is a standalone novel. Drowned Country continues the mythos and beautiful queer romance of Silver in the Wood and expands on it in this stellar sequel. There are a number of great fantasy anthologies out this year, some of which I’ve already picked up, and some of which are yet to come. But others draw more heavily on the older versions of their folk tales, or, in the case of Divya Sood’s “A Lover’s Tale,” create something wholly original. For those seeking a book that captures the mystery, magic, and romance of the stage, this is the book for you. 1. Martin Led by Neil Gaiman, Jane Yolen, Charlie Jane Anders, and Margo Lanagan, the pieces in this anthology promise to twist the stories of curses from fairy tales you’ve known since childhood into something new and different—yet familiar all the same. And if you’re looking for additional 2020 book releases, check out Book Riot’s Best Books of 2020 so far. Ximena is the decoy for the last remaining Illustrian royal, and when the usurper Atoc requests the royal’s hand in marriage, Ximena goes in her place. This book is about an unwilling dark sorceress navigating (and surviving) Scholomance, a place filled with monsters, where even breakfast can kill you. As editor Van Gelder admits in the introduction, promising the very best is perhaps overreaching somewhat, given the hundreds of outstanding choices F&SF’s archives afford. This companion volume to 2017’s The Book of Swords is the last anthology to bear the name of revered editor Gardner Dozois (save for next year’s The Very Best of the Best, which will act as a sort of capper to his decades editing The Year’s Best Science Fiction anthology series)), who passed away earlier this year (his regular co-editor, George R.R. The aesthetic established by J.R.R Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, let’s just say. From novels by Patrick Rothfuss to J.K. Rowling to Sabaa Tahir, we list the best fantasy books of the 21st century. NOOK Book … Jemisin said on Goodreads that The City We Became starts where the story leaves off. Hell yes. The first book in Tesh’s duology, Silver in the Wood, is an absolutely masterpiece of a novella. Soraya is a princess who is cursed to poison anyone she touches. It’s beautiful and romantic, and such a lovely escape for those seeking solace from doomscrolling. It’s not immediately obvious that this anthology of tales where the villians win is also a collection of love stories, but every tale is about finding a happily ever after with a lover—even if that lover is not the person the “villain” of the tale expected. It’s important to note that, while all of the below are from Tor.com publishing (as they publish novellas as individual books), it is by no means the only place to find fantasy novellas. This post contains affiliate links. Two fairy tales and a myth get contemporary retellings—Sara Marks’s “The Prince Without a Throne” reimagines “Beauty and the Beast” in a way that feels a bit less Stockholm-syndrome than that tale normally appears; “Rumpled” by Trevann Rogers introduces a gender-swapped Rumplestiltskin—a troll only barely surviving, lonely, in a modern world until, by chance, she encounters the daughter of a record company producer, and their bargain saves them both; and the unabashedly erotic “Kink Midas” from Barbra Campbell draws on the original King Midas legend as a thief breaks his curse. Is she a princess, or is she a monster? This is part of a duology, too, so once you’re done, be prepared to make grabby hands for the follow-up. What fantasy anthologies feature your favorite stories? But the genre isn’t all witches, wardrobes, and whimsy! Readers expecting the magic realism made famous by Latin American writers will see how these modern authors, including Junot Díaz, Kathleen Alcalá, Carmen Maria Machado, Daniel José Older, and Ernest Hogan, push beyond that tradition and into something altogether new and exciting. Type: Novella Hard to beat an opening like that. When you buy through these links, Book Riot may earn a commission. When Penny Hale's not-so-imaginary friend shows up in her bedroom, he pulls her into a whirlwind summer adventure of magic and bees and romance. One of those was the 2001 anthology The Green Man: Tales from the Mythic Forest, which was rereleased as an ebook from Open Road Media Sci-Fi & Fantasy in late March. I love books that tackle this question. JFB authors are writing critically acclaimed, award-winning and unputdownable novels right across the fantastical spectrum, encompassing everything from crime to literary fiction. Kuang, Anne Leckie, Rachel Swrisky, Peter S. Beagle, Zen Cho, C. S. E Cooney, Aliette de Bodard, Sarah Gailey, and J. Y. Yang contributing to the twenty-nine stories and poems within these pages. The book that puts the fantasy genre on the literary map, Lord of the Rings is not only considered as the best fantasy book but is also the best book of the period. The Wayward Children series is one of my favorite series of all time and, five books in, McGuire still does not disappoint. The incomparable and stellar N.K. The collection contains twelve short stories and poems from authors Marian Denise Moore, Dilman Dila, Eugen Bacon, Nicole Givens Kurtz, Fareeat Aliyu, Michael Boatman, Marian Denise Moore, Odida Nyabundi, Dare Segun Falowo, Mame Gougouma Diene, Nuzo Onoh, Ekpeki Oghenechovwe Donald. “The best stand-alone reprint anthology of the year was probably the retrospective anthology The Very Best of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Volume 2. One of the best known and best loved fantasy books, J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit introduces the reading world to the unforgettable hobbit Bilbo Baggins, Gandalf the wizard, and Smaug the dragon. A crown princess and a refugee are brought together, both with the intention of killing the other. Firebirds (anthology) Flashing Swords! From Manhattan to the Bronx to Brooklyn, Jemisin introduces us to these souls in a completely unique and powerful fantasy about culture, love, hate, and hope. For those looking for a mix of gothic, horror, and dark fantasy, this is the book that will having you licking your lips for more. Stewart makes a strong epic fantasy debut with The Bone Shard Daughter. I read the last hundred pages well into the night, gasping and sobbing. This doorstopper of an anthology focuses on everyone’s favorite mythological creature: the dragon. 1980. Type: Anthology Publisher: Harper Voyager ... Top New Fantasy Books in April 2020 Ship of Fates by Caitlin Chung. This list barely scratches the surface of all the great new fantasy books. Book Summary:Champions is an anthology of more than thirty of the best fantasy stories that the online writing community has to offer; from spells gone wrong to prisons for gods and much more.This anthology brings together the winning stories from the monthly competitions of Reddit’s FantasyWriters forum with each story demonstrates the vivid and extraordinary worlds that the fantasy genre has to … Anthology. Lewis The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R. 75/76 The Final Issue. With the dumpster fire that is 2020, I have been unapologetically escapist in my reading. Dark school of magic story! It’s a beautiful read. And you need this very much. The Science Fiction Hall of Fame Volume One 1929-1964 book. Get the best of Den of Geek delivered right to your inbox! When I hit chapter one after reading the deliciously dark prologue (I love prologues) and a priests painted a line of blood on the protagonist’s face, I was hooked. For those looking for a lush, soft fantasy about finding, belonging, and becoming, this lovely book will warm your soul. Lewis The Palm-Wine Drinkard by Amos Tutuola The Voyage of the Dawn Treader by C.S. Lord of the Rings tells the story of the Hobbit Frodo who needs to venture on a dangerous journey to the mountain of doom to destroy the ring that rules them all, thereby preventing the rise of evil Sauron in the process. Enter to win a $100 gift card to the bookstore of your choice. Fans of Schwab’s work will no doubt love this expansive and utterly heart-wrenching novel. (Neil Gaiman and Jane Yolen appear in this one as well.) From collections and anthologies to novellas and novels, 2020 has been a magnificent year for the fantasy genre. * It’s such a powerful book, where LGBTQIA and Latinx kids can see themselves being powerful heroes. This list will focus on novellas published as books. Every year, The Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy series collects some of the best examples of the genre, highlighting some of our greatest writers. The Book of Dragons: An Anthology by Jonathan Strahan. The below list is by no means exhaustive, but hopefully it’s a great jumping off point for you to get in on the escapism too. And if you’re interested in reading a lead-up to the novel, you can also check out Jemisin’s story “The City Born Great” on Tor.com. This anthology, coming out in June 2020, bills itself as the first science fiction and fantasy anthology written by Latinx people living in the United States. The Best Fantasy Book Series of All ... any good pulp series, has ample content (15 novels and one anthology) ... compelling trilogy that deserves its place among the best stories in fantasy. In “Gilded,” Elizabeth Acevedo follows the point of view of a magically-gifted plantation slave who intends to purchase her own freedom—but whose plans are derailed when newcomers arrive from Africa; Acevedo’s worldbuilding and navigation of the complexity of her main character’s emotions make this a beautiful tale that hopes for a better future. One of the ways to still delve into fiction when you attention span is shot is by following serials. I read a horror anthology book targeted for children (I … For those looking for a dark fantasy that revels in its villains and enemies-to-lovers romance, this is the series for you. Where Dreams Descend has been described as Moulin Rouge meets Phantom of the Opera, but there is also a heavy vibe of Caraval meets The Night Circus. All of them push the idea of what Latinx SFF can be. Yet, after 300 years of persisting through such an existence, Addie finally stumbles across a young man who remembers her name. “Breadcrumbs” by M. Reed gives a naughty Hansel and Gretel their just desserts, and Kenley’s excellent “Seeing Red” shows Red Riding Hood as a capable young woman determined to catch a werewolf for her husband. The title novella is particularly stellar, about a group of immortals in Pittsburgh who can extend their life (and limbs) by growing and consuming certain fruit. Less a fantasy series and more a complex dedication to world-building. Sometimes, it can be hard to sit down and commit to a long novel or series—especially in times where the stresses of the outside world (or the constant interruptions of your children’s distance learning) can keep you from really focusing on the page. September 2011. Behren’s immersive world, where neighbors accept all sorts of eccentricities because that’s what happens when you live next to fairies, is a delight, and the story of two fathers finding happiness together, and the sacrifices they are willing to make for their children, is heart wrenching in all the right ways. If you enjoyed The Ten Thousand Doors of January, then get ready for more awe-inspiring writing, though keep in mind: as Alix noted on Twitter, while January was mostly G-rated, The Once and Future Witches is definitely not. Lin, the daughter of the emperor, spends her days behind locked doors. Antaeus No. 25 Best Fantasy Books for YA Readers by Feliza Casano. For those seeking a supernatural Sherlock Holmes mashup, I give you The Angel of the Crows. And this school of magic, Scholomance, tries to kill its students. Let me introduce you to do the feminist queer fairytale you didn’t know you needed. The stories include ghosts and space aliens, grandmothers with magical cooking and robots. A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Malazan Book of the Fallen is another deeply iconic fantasy series, often cited as one of the best high fantasies in recent years.

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