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However,  this percentage is not fixed and is subject to change, If you are on financial aid, your fee structure will depend on the level of financial aid granted to you. Courses that are offered as electives will definitely be offered, though a few might be offered every alternate year (eg: Neurobiology II and Evolutionary Psychology alternate every year). Ashoka University accepts SAT, ACT and its own entrance test AAT’s scores for UG admissions. In case if it exceeds 90 mins, a bio break is provided. Once an application form has been submitted within the deadline of a particular round, the applicant will be required to mandatorily participate in the Assessments on the date(s) mentioned in the Admissions Calendar. However, there are people with board scores as low as in the 70s. There is also a shuttle every one hour during non-peak hours and days, and every 20 minutes during peak usage of the transport services. The course ‘Mathematical and Computational Toolkit’ is strongly recommended for those who would want to prepare themselves while at Ashoka. An engineering degree such as one in biotechnology will not prepare you better for a post-graduate focus in genetics. The application form will be reviewed by the Admissions Team and shortlisted candidates will be invited for the Interview Round. There are multiple other requirements specific to the nature of the programme and what the student seeks to pursue. The list of core and optional courses and the expected timeline over which they are taken relative to the core requirements of 7 Foundation courses, 2 Critical Thinking courses, and 2 co-curricular courses is charted in the Curriculum Spreadsheet. Ashoka is India’s largest collective philanthropic initiative, started by many of India’s most accomplished business leaders and philanthropists. To know more about our financial aid policy, click. Admissions decisions are rolled out at the end of each of the four rounds within the Admissions cycle. We are interested in specializing in areas of Biology that will benefit from strong interdisciplinary thinking. This means that each score report sent to a college or used for a scholarship will include information from the Student Descriptive Questionnaire as well as the scores of up to six SAT I and six SAT II exams. For a student pursuing a Minor in Biology, they will need to take 6 courses, of which 4 are core courses (specified in the Curriculum chart) and 2 are selected from any of the other courses offered in Biology. It is mandatory to attach your grade X, XII and undergraduate degree transcripts (if it is available). After the application submission, if you have been shortlisted for the Interview Round, you will receive the interview invitation via email on your registered email ID. An application form will be considered ineligible if it reflects any of the following: Once an applicant has completed all the components of the application process and submitted their form, the applicant will have to participate in the Assessments, which requires the applicant to take the Ashoka Aptitude Assessment and write an On-the-Spot Essay. There is a regular shuttle service that takes students to the closest Metro station (Jahangirpuri) in Delhi, from where they can access any point of the capital city. There will be optional courses also offered from Spring 2018 to 2019, with plenty of scope for a minor. We are investing in the idea of the 4th year as a time when undergraduates delve into research in a serious year-long way. It is mandatory to attach your grade X transcript. You will find the list of documents in the Application Process section above. Subsequently, in each course, some component of Genetics (at various levels of complexity and details) will be discussed. The Admissions Team follows the University’s no cut-offs-based admissions policy even while evaluating SAT scores. does not affect their chances of being shortlisted for the Interview Round or for admission to Ashoka University. The University can give students a Firm Offer of Admission on the basis of their SAT scores. Students are not allowed to leave campus without prior parental permission which is then reviewed and approved by the warden. Will the University’s academic timetable permit students to undergo training in a sport or extracurricular activity outside the campus? Explore key Ashoka University information including application requirements, popular majors, tuition, SAT scores, AP credit policies, and more. If you have ideas for other in-depth workshops in which you have an interest, please write to [email protected] and [email protected] Please. The process of Ashoka University’s UGC compliance is now complete in all respects. Ashoka University is offering undergraduate programmes (B.A. An applicant can apply in any of the four rounds, but only once within the Admissions Cycle. We currently have several student-run clubs and societies on campus, in addition to music, arts, dance, and sports opportunities. When will I hear whether or not I’ve been invited for the interview round? Does my financial aid include study abroad or semester abroad programmes? Some courses like the Neuroscience/Biological Psychology course for Psychology students will be cross-listed with Biology and those will be offered even in the coming semester. However, if a student wishes to pursue the 4th year of study at Ashoka as well, the degree named as per the norms of the State Government. The average SAT score composite at University of Alaska Southeast is a 1100. Applications for the current Admissions Cycle are now open. In addition, there are several summer opportunities for science and undergraduates can approach labs of their interest in Ashoka in order to start doing research whenever they would like as their undergraduate degree progresses. The average SAT score of admitted students to University of San Francisco is 1140. Predicted grades are supposed to be an accurate estimation of a student’s final grades. Incoming third years who are considering the 4th year will also have an easy time completing a minor in Biology. CCTV surveillance is an integral part of effective monitoring. Ashoka University does not offer merit-based scholarships. However, students can opt for training facilities available on campus. Harvard accepts the Common Application, Coalition Application, and Universal College Application.Considering applying to this exceptionally selective school? If you are planning to apply for a transfer to Ashoka University for the Spring 2020 semester, your financial aid form will be open from 27th - 31st December 2019. What are the foreign/new languages taught at Ashoka? The family income will be verified by scholarship administration partner, Buddy4Study. Appalachian State University typically requires applicants to be in the top 41 percent of SAT test takers.The school consistently takes SAT composite scores down to 1100 on a 1600 scale, below which admission should be considered a reach. Once the examination has been conducted, the admissions team will compile the results and will declare the result. Which cities and schools feature prominently? Candidates having a valid SAT or ACT score need to mention their standardised test scores to secure admission in UG courses offered at Ashoka University. Economics, MLS, YIF) and doctoral programmes to the students. Get Your SAT Scores. Any revisions of aid will only be applicable for the next academic year. The Admissions criteria and processes are based on holistic principles and values held by Ashoka University. However, if a student wishes to pursue a summer abroad at a university of his choice, he or she is free to do so and we will make sure that we provide students with all the support they require to pursue this. ), postgraduate programmes (M.A. A liberal education focuses on providing the skills and perspectives to students, which are considered an essential part of leading an ethical and purposeful life. They each count for the same number of credits as theory courses. Apart from the academic sessions, students are free to approach professors for one-on-one sessions on areas of difficulties for all subjects. The course titled Genetics gives foundations in Genetics. If an application form is found to be ineligible, the candidature of that particular application will no longer be considered for the shortlist for the interview round. Students can drop off their clothes in our laundry room twice a week and pick it up from there the next day. Classes are usually conducted between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm. An Application Form will be considered as incomplete if it reflects any of the following: Invalid or illegible government ID or attachment of a non-government ID as proof of identity, Discrepancy or mismatch between scores mentioned in the attached marksheet(s) and the manually entered scores in the application form, Illegible Class XII Final Board/Predicted marksheet, While digital marksheets issued via DigiLocker will be accepted, screenshots of unverified electronically generated results will render the application incomplete, For applicants from IB and Cambridge A Levels Educational Boards- If the applicant does not have their Final Class XII grades/scores at the time of applying, and they do not provide their Self Predicted grades/scores and the correct details of their school counsellor, For applicants from all other Educational Boards- If the applicant does not have their Final Class XII grades/scores at the time of applying, and they do not provide either their Self Predicted grades/scores or submit their School Predicted grades/scores, Admissions Fee of INR 50,000 at the time of acceptance of the Offer of Admission, Refundable Security Deposit of INR 75,000 (Security Deposit of INR 50,000 and Meal Cost Deposit of INR 25,000) at the time of acceptance of an Offer of Admission.

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