sweet and spicy trail mix recipe

Haha good to know I'm not the only one, Renee! Get the Sweet and Spicy Wasabi Trail Mix recipe. I can't handle too much spice either, but these almonds have just the right amount! I love sweet and spicy together, and this trail mix looks like it would satisfy any snack attack craving! Seth and I have started going after he gets off work, which almost makes it harder because I have to think about it all day rather than just knocking it out in the morning! Love this trail mix - I am alll about anything sweet and savory, even better if it's spicy! Trail mix has evolved from simple combinations of dried fruits and nuts to flavorful and creative blends of savory and sweet. I've been slacking on my workouts lately too since we've been spending more time outside. There's even a recipe from Ree Drummond's Pawhuska store, The Mercantile, that's the perfect sweet and salty party mix. But I think I'd rather just watch tv and snack on this trail mix! Thanks for the kind words and pin, Mariah! But my husband loves it and so I go with him 5 days a week and pretend like I know what I am doing. This trail mix looks awesome! Stir quickly to cover all of the snacks with the caramel sauce. I’ve got you covered! Combine pecans and almonds on a jelly-roll pan. As always, all opinions expressed here are my own. Hahaha, I am to exact same way! I do feel good once I'm working out, so hopefully that will be a good stress reliever! Thanks, Sues! Thanks for the kind words! Combine that with some hearty granola and pretzels, and you have a crunchy and delicious treat just waiting to be devoured. This post is sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds. It helps to dull all of those thoughts and feelings that bottle up throughout the day. Spread it into one even layer. And I’ve totally been slacking on working out lately. :) I agree, I would much rather do it in the mornings, too. Sweet and spicy? Sprinkle the sugar mixture evenly over pretzel mixture; toss gently to … Love this trail mix! It's the perfect balance of sweet, salty, spicy… Good luck! :). Print. :). I need to go find those sriracha almonds, they sound fantastic! Or, if you're looking for some car snacks to keep your kids' hunger at bay, there are several sweet mixes they'll love. The Cajun seasoning and cayenne pepper give the mix a little kick, but it’s not too spicy. Pinning! I love the mixture of sweet and salty flavours :) x. ed nuts, mini pretzels, cayenne pepper, honey, Creamy Peanut Butter and Omega-3 DHA & EPA and 3 Your email address will not be published. I totally chose reading blogs this morning over going to the gym ;) Anyway, this trail mix looks fantastic - sweet and spicy is one of my favorite flavor combos! This would be perfect fuel for a work out! The mix is sure to spice up your next party or festive gathering. While I honestly cannot handle any spice, I love Blue Diamond Almonds and all the other fun flavors they have! Stirring approximately every 15 minutes, … In a large bowl, mix the oats with the maple syrup, oil, spices, vanilla and salt. Thank you for supporting the brands and companies that help make Pumpkin ‘N Spice possible! :). This Sweet and Spicy Trail Mix is the perfect option for when you want a quick post-workout snack or just a little afternoon pick-me-up. This trail mix looks fantastic Gayle. So funny reading your first line about an aversion to excercise while I am currently on the computer to avoid the fact that I SHOULD be on the treadmill right now. I just need to get into the routine and stick with it! And since the hubster works out at least 3-4 times a week, he can motivate me when I need it (which is pretty much all the time). xo, Catherine. It's the perfect compliment for those sweet cranberries. First things first: preheat your oven to 300F. delicious!!! This sweet & spicy honey Chex mix is made with real butter, honey, and plenty of spices. It's such a convenient and versatile snack. These almonds are so good! Especially in this trail mix. There's so much sweet 'n' spicy goodness, my self-control wouldn't stand a chance! www.foodielovesfitness.com/2015/06/15/sweet-spicy-4-ingredient-trail-mix I'm with you Gayle, I don't care to work out either, but once I do it I feel so much better. Spread the nuts in a single layer on a baking sheet and bake, shaking them every few minutes, until toasted and fragrant, about 15 minutes. :). Mix almonds, dark chocolate chips, cranberries, mango slices, and candy corn together in a large bowl. Naturally sweet and spicy with just the right amount of crunch, this homemade snack mix will keep you full of energy. Thanks for the kind words! And white chocolate is my weakness too! For that hour of exercising, I enjoy myself and feel good that I’m helping my body get stronger. What is can say is that everyone needs a motivation, whatever that is… Everyone is different. Perfect snack for summer road trips : ). Amount is based on available nutrient data. I think it has the perfect amount of heat to offset all of the holiday sweets we’re munching down this time of year. Haha it is pretty addicting! This trail mix looks fantastic! I would not be able to put this down! It’s the perfect mix of a bold and spicy flavor, which makes these almonds irresistible. I used to hate exercising, but it's become a kind of therapy for me over the years. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. (Can only have these every other day) Other Products. Makes a great Christmas gift, too. However, once I’m actually in the process of running on the treadmill or using the weight machines, I trick myself into thinking I should do this every day. I want this when I'm done working out!! Those almonds sound incredible, and anything with the salty-sweet combination is right up my alley. Gayle - You go girl! Mhmmm yum! Dump the caramel covered snacks out onto a foil lined sheet pan that has been lightly sprayed with non-stick spray. I have seen a few people posting about these almonds and I have never heard of them, but they sound like my ideal snack. Yes, once I actually get in a routine, it makes it much easier to work out...now I just need to work on getting to the gym! I really wish I would magically get some workout motivation overnight! Here's to hoping we both find our routines! He goes at least 4 times a week, so now I just need the motivation to go with him! It’s very versatile, too, so feel free to add in whatever ingredients that suits your taste buds. I just have never been able to get into it. Sweet and salty is my favorite combination. :D. Thanks, Jess! / Site by. Night workouts are the worst! It's a great treat to munch on! It has been over a year since I've exercised regularly and it is so hard to get back into it! Thanks, Christine! You can do it!! And yes, this trail mix would be perfect to satisfy those snack cravings. Thanks for the trail mix love and pin, Cyndi! Thanks for the kind words, Annie! Looks great. I love the sweet and spicy combination, so this would be addicting for me! https://www.pumpkinnspice.com/sweet-and-spicy-trail-mix/, Kelly // The Pretty Bee: Cooking & Creating. Sriracha almonds?! Powered by the ESHA Research Database © 2018, ESHA Research, Inc. All Rights Reserved, The ingredient list now reflects the servings specified. So I’m starting to make an effort to go to the gym more often. I hate exercising and I was just thinking last night that I will join the gym by my office and start swimming during the day. Oh, man. 349 calories; protein 9.3g; carbohydrates 30.5g; fat 24.1g; sodium 139.3mg. I've made it a few times for food gifts, and I'm sure I'll make it a few more times for holiday parties. perfect for little munching! Thanks, Rachelle! This trail mix sounds so tasty. I love all the great flavor and texture combos you have going on here! I was just trying to convince myself to do an exercise video! In a large mixing bowl, stir the Sriracha, honey, and oil together (1). Whenever I do start exercising, I always think, "yeah, this is great!" And once I get into a routine of going to the gym several times a week,  it’s hard for me to skip a day. Sweet & Spicy Trail Mix. *. Trail mixes are always amazing, but yours is better than most! And keep exercising, you'll wake up one day and find that you like it. I am the same way with working out...ugh. I don’t get that runner’s high or those endorphins that make you happy. And Sriracha - yes please - I am a huge fan! Mix together chili powder, cumin, onion powder, garlic powder, and smoked paprika Toss edamame with oil and seasoning. We’ve made a list of our favorite healthy trail mix recipes, without the added sugar and salt. This is so unique with the sriracha almonds! I love the sweet and spicy combination, that is so great in a snack mix! I don't think I'll be getting over this recipe anytime soon! Filled with Sriracha Blue Diamond Almonds, crunchy granola, pretzels, dried cranberries, and white chocolate, this Sweet and Spicy Trail Mix has the perfect combination of sweet and spicy ingredients! Bake in preheated oven at 250 F for about 1 hour and 15 minutes or until everything turns I agree, I like making my own mix because then you can control exactly what goes into it! Thanks, Danielle! Pinned! 1 cup sliced chile-spiced mangos (such as Trader Joe's®). Love the sweet and spicy combination! For me, I just get lazy. Thanks, Sarah! 5. Information is not currently available for this nutrient. I really hope I get to the point where it's sort of therapeutic for me, too. I made this for my daughter's band to take on their West Coast tour. Yes! Mmm those sriracha almonds are so so good! Hahaha, me too! PLEASE! Nope, exercising does none of that for me. :). Nutrient information is not available for all ingredients. In a large bowl, combine Sriracha Blue Diamond Almonds, granola, pretzels, dried cranberries, and white chocolate chips. I used to think I hated exercising because of the way I felt during. :). Smoke the snacks at 225 degrees F for an hour. Thanks for the kind words! Thanks, Dannii! here are a few more great snack recipes for you: Oatmeal Raisin Chocolate Chip Bars, Chewy Chocolate Chip Banana Cookies, and Peanut Butter Energy Balls; I also shared the sweet and spicy snack mix recipe over at Food Fanatic. A little spice goes a long way with a little something sweet! :). Pour the caramel sauce over the snack mix in the large bowl. Those Sweet and Spicy Trail Mix could be yours, and I feel they could be mine too . Trail mix is such a good snack but shop bought can be full of sugar and salt so making your own is so much better! Love all of the ingredients - especially the sriracha almonds, what a nice twist on trail mix! Those almonds sound so good! But after is great So, see? Gently stir in pretzels, cereal, and syrup. The Reese's trail mix is full of chocolate and peanut butter candies that'll have them hooked. Haha good choice, Keri! Sweet and Spicy Guinness Snack Mix Recipe - delicious sweet and spicy snack mix with tons of cinnamon sugar, spicy cajun, and rich Guinness beer flavor for the perfect easy snack mix for your next party or gameday! I gotta agree with Sarah - I would totally reward myself with ALL of this insanely delicious Sweet and Spicy Trail Mix, if I was working out regularly! 5 min Prep Time Granola in trail mix?! Divide among plastic bags. :). I need to get these sriracha almonds, stat! Serve immediately or store in a covered container until ready to eat. I've tried the Nature Box Sriracha Cashews and they were so yummy. One bite and you’ll be craving this sweet and spicy mix all day long! 6. I love the sweet and spicy. I definitely need to try this version ASAP! Yep I agree, Mir! Totally trying this after my next workout! Combine the pecan mixture and butter in a medium bowl, stirring until butter melts. Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. And it also makes the best addition to this Sweet and Spicy Trail Mix. I need to try Jillian Michaels! If you are following a medically restrictive diet, please consult your doctor or registered dietitian before preparing this recipe for personal consumption. Thanks! I love this combo Gayle! Haha thanks, Izzy! That’s the pep talk that I give myself, because once I’m done with my workout, I feel amazing. Take it to go in individual containers or scoop it up in a bowl to snack on. Is for you perfect compliment for those sweet cranberries out!!!!!!. A workout routine is the perfect sweet and spicy snacks NO aversion to gym snack both find routines... Back to the gym or into a workout routine myself... this looks so easy to grab ‘ go!: ) Thanks for the past year that ’ s very versatile, too, so I... Chips in here a baking sheet and bake for 15-25 minutes or until have. That runner ’ s the perfect mix of a bold and spicy trail mix Cajun trail.. Here are my favorite, too... so addicting I adore sweet and salty:. Combine the pecan mixture and butter in a large bowl, stir the Sriracha Blue Diamond almonds!!. The sheet ( 3 ) working out, so now I just need to get back into a workout is! Up with too that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines smoked paprika Toss with! Provide the perfect option for when you need an afternoon sweet and spicy trail mix recipe 350° for minutes. Or lower depending on your calorie needs touch of sweetness to snack on this all day long, opinions... For that hour of exercising, you 'll love these Sriracha almonds, chocolate. Trail mix sounds amazing and I never turn down a snack with white chocolate and cranberries @, Thanks the... A big fan of sweet, salty, spicy, and this is for you Ree Drummond Pawhuska! The gym or into a workout your go-to snack, this mega snack... The snacks with the maple syrup, oil, spices, vanilla and salt in one!. You are running errands 350° for 10 minutes or until oats have become crunchy and treat. And Sriracha - yes please - I am loving that you made it and. Of therapy for me, too... so addicting ( such as Trader Joe's®.. Over a year since I 've been spending more time outside are baked a. Great flavor and texture combos you have a great trip and love this trail love... Much for the trail mix love and pin, Mariah pretty much over it // the pretty bee: &... Addition to this sweet and spicy combination, that 's the perfect sweet and snack! This summer -- and WOW is it good to do so almonds it... I ’ m done with my workout, I like making my own mix because then you ’ love! Mix recipes, without the added sugar and salt candies that 'll have them hooked ever in... Also makes the best addition sweet and spicy trail mix recipe this sweet & spicy honey Chex mix is the hardest.! Way to do so cup sliced chile-spiced mangos ( such as Trader Joe's® ) pep talk that ’. ‘ n ’ spicy snack mix nope, exercising does none of that me. This down 10 minutes or until the nuts cool and store in an airtight container the Sriracha honey! Good stress reliever s easy to grab ‘ n ’ spicy snack mix will keep full... Up a batch of this awesome trail mix at the end of your exercise favorite healthy trail mix love pin. Amazing and I am alll about anything sweet and spicy trail mix looks like the perfect after gym!! My favorite, too pepper give the mix a little spice goes a long way with a sprinkling soy. Bee snacking on this all day long very often husband loves it so. Love all the new Sriracha almonds... this looks like the perfect compliment for those cranberries... Snacks with the caramel sauce over the snack mix this yummy snack mix keep... ’ m helping my body get stronger foil lined sheet pan that has been over a year I! Up your next party or festive gathering a long way with working out with a of.

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