durban coloured slang

"Solly is a snoop snoek.". (Female genitalia) "That woman in the sleazy bar gripped her gwat. (Child) Derived from "picannin", which appears to originate from Zimbabwe when it was called Rhodesia. (Suspicious) "That oke is lank dodgy" (That guy is very suspicious). (A lot, many, much, more) This is mostly a Durban word that is used as an adjective that amplifies things. For instance, "getting ready for the fancy dress is such a las.". In other words, being able to remember what you did the night before. Van Der Merwe What a good surfer does when riding a wave. (Dope) Also used to refer to mildly leftwing goofball students in the Apartheid era. It can be used aggressively. (Broken surf) Waves that have long broken and are washing sedately along the shoreline. "My china and me went for a trap to choon about the kiff words we found on this website." The expression used here indicates that the speaker is actually trying to say "dis kak boet" meaning "that's shit, dude". When it's hot, you spit on one finger (or two) and, with a stylish flourish, you "kap" (hit) the heated area. Marmite Kei ('Kye') Malay dish, but has become “traditionally Afrikaans”. Also a sexy member of the opposite sex, equivalent of the American "fox". The name is self explanatory. If you heard Indians using these terms, well I would hope that they told you where they got it from. In other words, the surf is big, clean, has excellent shape and there are plenty of waves in a set. Roots (Woman) "Check that cherrie China." It assumes that there are other types (white Africans, Asian-Africans etc) and takes the edge off just using black as a noun. (Also, Me too) A person who says, "Jees, I'm kished bru." Homesick South Africans buy it from gourmet stores around the world, even if they don't like it. Fail, flunk (Afrikaans) - "I dopped 2 standards at school". (Good, higher quality) Another synonym for "lekker" as if that word didn't have enough uses. Score This conversational word is used widely and in response to just about anything. Gesuip ('G*esayp') Bompie - A fat girl that is easy to get into bed. Bangbroek (bângbrook) (Bodyboarder) See doormat, sponge, gutslider, speedbump. "Do you want a hap of my biscuit? Twak (From Afrikaans “Tjoekie” - Jail) I was chucked in the chookie for chooning that chick who turned out to be a cop. This is not used in the mafia sense in South Africa, much. Affectionate nickname for East London, which is near some excellent surf, namely Nahoon Reef, Yellowsands and Queensberry Bay, to name only a few. ('Ay-tah') (a hassle, a schlep) "School is such a mission." Rabid racists in the past have miraculously become PC people. Pull in Also heard when someone pulls off a lank clever move. It can also be used as a noun. Like Paddy in Ireland, Van der Merwe is the butt of South African jokes. (Hero, good guy, classy oke) Down in the Eastern Cape, when the party is ripping, and everyone starts getting all soppy and sentimental, they might start calling each other "legends". Boom (boo-um) Skyf ('Skayf') Photo: Simone Wakaba. (That guy is really organised), Jags (ye-ag*s) Charf Apparently used by a subset of the Eastern Cape crew. When you say "She was only charfing him! (I kid you not) "Strue's Bob. If you're good, the wetness hitting the heat will crack the bottle all the way round in a perfect circle. If it all sounds a little confusing, remember: Durban (or eThekwini) slang is a collision of the fast talking swag of the Indian population, the slower more relaxed speech of the beach community and the gooing in of some powerful Zulu words to dala you into being a true Durbanite. Lank younger surfers use this old mariner's greeting. "Don't be a poepol". 7.3 South African Indian slang 7.4 South African Jewish slang 7.5 South African Lebanese slang 8 Special-use slang 8.1 Kasi / township slang 9 See also 10 References 11 External links List of South African slang Cook "What's in your bag bokkie?" Shot! Befok, befuck (There's a nip in the air), Now Now A derogatory method of describing a paddle skier, the sort of person that goes out in the surf paddling on a canoe that looks like a half-sucked lozenge. or a high-class dinner do as in "We went to a larney party that had caviar for pudding. It's someone who is crazy, or whacky, or weird, maybe someone a few beers short of a sixpack. Moose or "What’s for graze mom?" (Place of work) "Where do you graft?" (Afrikaans - Nice, pleasant, stoned, fun, lovely, good, pretty) It is used by all language groups to express approval, often to cover up a limited vocab. (Afrikaans - Barbecue (US) or Barbie (Aus))Probably the biggest semantic gift given to the world by South Africa. We surf together every day.". (Stupid or mean act) If you pull an action, you do something stupid or mean. D. DAGGA (Dugh-ghah) Marijuana, dope, ganga, cannabis. Let's kap a tjallie. (Wimp, pansie, naff, weakling) "Don't be a wuss, it's only a 6 foot puffadder that's chewing on your leg.". Many stay in the city these days. The word "no" is often taken to mean "yes". (Expression of sympathy) "These piles are lank sore." "Gat" can refer to your ass:"move your gat". (You think so?) Kaartjies South Africa 48 female, 37, 1980, Coloured, Hout Bay (Western Cape) South Africa 49 male, 81, 1936, White, Napier (Western Cape) South Africa 50 female, 46, 1971, Coloured, Cape Town and the Transkei South Africa 51 (Bodyboarder) See doormat, sponge, gutslider, speedbump. "Since Sarah axed Rick, the oke's been lank bleak. Also used to describe a thoroughly nasty, unlikeable person; someone who has "pulled an action", or ripped someone off perhaps. ', Okay, well I guess it could be from both then. Slope And being genuinely sophisticated is not a disqualification. Pomp ('Pormp') (Beer) "Buy me a brew bru." (Sleep) "I dossed on the beach until a cop chucked me in the chookie for trespassing.". "I vloeked Harry and he vloeked me back." Typical users include people with Afrikaans as their first language but who speak English as a second language; and people living in areas where the population speaks bo… Broken, ruined, finished, wrecked, to the extreme. In rural areas, people build walls with empty dumpies, embedding them in cement. Derogatory, but vaguely descriptive, term for a bodyboarder, who dislike "boogie boarder" more, for some reason. It might be in 10 minutes, 10 hours or never. e.g : laanie, onetime, pozzy, maader. Lusikisiki lime greens Schlep "Chips oke, that malpit's going right through a red robot!". Durban Travel Planning Book Accommodation Latest Flights News Travel Deals Visa Info Multimedia The Mother City Tongue: Cape Town slang 101 Post a comment 0 share: How familiar are you with the vast vernac of the Cape? "His skateboard hit a rock and he fell on his guava.". Now it's too late for the offended one to save face. To enter the barrel or the tube is to "pull in". eg. (Hey mate, take a look at this plastic packet of marijuana that I just bought from my dealer." Vomit, park a tiger, bark the dog, spew, puke, make a technicoloured yawn. Hyayibo! This is another quirky grammatical mutation hiccuped by generations of South Africans. See Cape Doctor. (The Transkei) This former homeland of Apartheid days is part of the Eastern Cape. Instead of saying 'Coming down the stairs, I slipped and fell on my bottom', it's more descriptive to say 'Coming down the stairs, I saw my ring.' Variations include brah, bru, broer, bror, bro, bra, brra and brah. You do this by "pulling in" and "getting slotted". Here we translate South African English and a bit of Afrikaans to American English and Spanish. "That ou says he can paddle around Seal Island with one leg. Some favourites are Marie, Romany Creams, Nuttikrust and Eet Sum Mor. (Grahamstown) Affectionate name for this university town. And laaitie? Inspired from the Afrikaans language, it turns your ear drums inside out. With your meal you eat mielie pap, salads, rolls and other stuff. If you take off on the wedgey part, you get loads of speed and can hit the lip with lots of force, getting lots of air. If you heard Indians using these terms, well I would hope that they told you where they got it … "That wave closed out. In those days, you bought "lids" and "cans" not grams or bankies like you do today. School kids give each other lammies, usually on the forearm, but the effect can also be achived on the upper arm, or the side of the thigh. Pit We all do it... but as I said up there ^ the list is written badly]Jkjambsj (talk) 19:02, 14 August 2008 (UTC), chommie: in Afrikaans it would be written as tjommie, choon: Yes it comes from English tune (and that's how I imagine it when I say it) but if you really want to write in Afrikaans, it would be tjoen, droëwors: one word and diacritic symbol on the e (if it were two words it would literally mean dry sausage of any kind), ghoef: notice the "h" so that it is pronounced as the Afrikaans "gholf" (golf, the game) and not "golf" (wave). (Literally, "Farmers Sausage"). A mungberry is someone who smokes too much dope. Written in Afrikaans, the book includes vintage photographs which pay homage to the people that paved the way. It is the staple diet of many South Africans. (Get lucky with the opposite sex) "John got off with Jackie in the backseat. Going off It tastes better than it sounds. You wear them when the water is lekker warm. This term has been described as illustrating a South African tendency to give light-hearted names to things which can cause stress. (Let's buy some cocaine) Onomatopoeic word that emulates the sucking sound as the powder slurps up the nostril. (Lose strength, or power) When you back out of something, you fade. Really busy. (Coincidence, lucky break, by chance) If you never get barrelled, or tubed, but somehow get slotted by closing your eyes inside a closeout wave, and suddenly find yourself in the open air again, your friend could legitimately say: "That tube was a vloek". "Pull in to the jol tonight broer" (Come with us to the party tonight, bro). I surmise that User:Kuratowski's Ghost is appealing too much to the original coinage, which I would guess goes back to the Fifties at least, but has now completely disappeared from everyday usage. "He got caught in the rip.". Check (Are you giving me shit?). (Puke, blow chunks, bark the dog, park the tiger, technicoloured yawn). See charf. (Kiff, lekker, nice) "How was the surf? (Afrikaans) C**t, nasty person. "You doffie." "Bru, don't you skeem this stringer is skeef?" (Sandwich) Kids sometimes take a sarmie to school in the morning. Different farmers and hunters have different recipes and processes for their biltong. Dirty words won't kill you, people. (Don’t be a complete moron, you stupid c**t). Their speciality might be Springbok, Blesbok or Eland. (Mosquito) "That mozzie is powered by a lawnmower engine.". Skate (Don't be a jerk) If your friend has just spewed over the side of your car, you would call indignantly "What kind? Dunce. (Bank packet) The plastic packets that banks issue coins in are a common receptacle for a dagga stash. Only a male can be an "oke" or an "ou", pronounced "Oh." (Afrikaans - Bush) But also crazy or loopie or having a bush frenzy, named after South African soldiers who were psychologically damaged in the Angolan war. (Parents) "My folks won't let me go to the jorl. (A-1, affirmation, everything is cool) Popular, trendy word among young blacks, who also say "Sharpshoot" as a way of affirming something cool that's been said. "I fell on my nought." It remains rural and beautiful, with rolling green hills that fall into the sea as jagged cliffs. (Did you see that woman over there friend?) "Can I bum a twak?" Except now it's mutated away and many use it without knowing where it comes from. Same thing, 'los it', 'las it'. "I stooted Elmarie in the barn. (The palace) Let's chillout/parkoff in the pallas. Sawubona (First person singular) – If you meet a South African and you would like to greet them in isiZulu, you can say “Sawubona” meaning “greetings”. "I'll clean my room just now, Ma." Indian or Malay curry inside a hollowed out loaf of white bread. Kiff! Indeed, some degree of wealth is part of the kugel stereotype. It's another way of describing good surf. (Weak, feeble) "That was a lame excuse.". Porsie ('Paw-z-y') Action See "puts on". So depending on what you mean by "belongs to", it could go either way (sure it comes from Afrikaans, but Indian people do use it). (Car) "You have a kief jammie, broer" (You have a nice car, brah). This is durban coloured slang! Chilled vibes, bru …. (Afrikaans – “to swear”) Swear at, intimidate. "hectic" is missing! (Hot dry wind that blows from the land to the sea. Originates from the Khoikhoi word dachab, Deck I inserted a note saying that "kugel" was comparable with JAP and mentioning that it has "spoiled brat" connotations. Not to be confused with the emotional extreme associated with anger. It's not a tropical disease, just a general "Hey like" lethargy brought on by the mindboggling quality of the dope. Thank you to those who have made useful contributions. French Fries (also referred to as “slap chips” (with “slap” as in “pup” – Afrikaans for “soft”, “not stiff”. Howzit This might explain this word, which means "to eat" as in "Let’s go and graze" or "What are you grazing?" (Mate, don't you think this surfboard stringer is not straight?). Using a word from another South African language while speaking in English does not make it slang. Check out how many you can get on our slang lingo bingo - because local is 'lekker'. Babalaas ('Bub-ba-lars') Brah To prepare the dope before you smoke it. ", Gerbe / rhebe ('G*air-b-ear') (Let's chill out at my place). Pekkie, pikkie Technicoloured yawn (Afrikaans – “I say”) “I tell you”. (This crap is low grade brother). (Afrikaans - Fed up) Literally, "Hole full" (filled to the brim). (SE trade wind) This strong trade wind blows from the southeast in summer, and flattens Cape Town. ", Nought ('Nawt') Gerrick Goatboat Home > You must suma learn slang! Vry has nothing to do with vryf. (Cheeky) A stroppy person is difficult, cheeky and likely to back chat. Sharp A kook is not necessarily a grommet, although a grommet can be a kook. The person can be larney. (Punch) It's not an indent in the road, a switch to dim your car headlights, nor a action you do with your head. (Oh no! Idiot, twit, "poop hole") Enough said. The variation to this is, "How’s your mind?" A surfer who is hot. Dis ting It is simply a misspelling of the Cockney rhyming slang for "mate" - china (plate). Maybe from “position”? (Brother, friend, mate, china, buddy) This is another famous, popular South African word. Kaalgat (Kaal-g*at) It is not slang at all. (Depart, leave, go, split, waai) "Let's chuck. (Disgusting thing, see mif) A shortened version of syphillus, sif doesn’t necessarily refer to disease, but could refer to a gangrenous coral wound, an overused long drop toilet, a car accident or a chorb. This is an endearing term that is used by South Africans in just about every social situation. To make a bottleneck properly, you take a Black Label quart or litre bottle of Coke and turn it on its side. Pavement When French Fries are thick and long and don’t go crispy in the oil. Arvie See also Vai or Vaai. This is the second biggest passion of many surfers. A person who is "scaly" is a scumbag or sleazy type. Don't try and steal my wave or I will beat you with a pole.). To scale something is to steal it. eg. testicles) A man's tackle, balls, gonads, marbles, albasters, braaipack. Best when the bread is fresh. It is baked in the oven with a couple of eggs broken on top. (Mandrax pill) A very nasty pill from the East that people crush into powder to mix with their tobacco and marijuana in their bottleneck pipes. Does this need explanation? A cheery slang form of saying “Hello”. The crude language and behaviour portrayed in this article and discussion is inappropriate and embarrassing to say the least. Also refers to rip currents in the sea. Afrikaans – “farmer”. (Afrikaans - A fright, frighteningly ugly) After being held down for 30 seconds in the kelp at Crayfish Factory, you might get a bit of a "skrik". Adopt a lazy mouth syndrome and liaise your words together. He doesn't have to have a mullet hairstyle either. Broer ('Broo') (Go in the sun to get brown) People who catch tans go out to roast in the sun on purpose. (This thing?) Rush Slang isn't really appropriate here. Most of the words have incorrect meanings. (My friend showed me your website and I had a good laugh at all the crap you're going on about. (Mull dope) This is what you do when preparing dagga for inhalation by removing the pips and stalks. This is where you don’t want to be when a huge set wave is breaking. Scale (Exposed, sticking out like sore thumb, vulnerable) People who smoke too much dope get paranoid. This time derived from the Afrikaans word stuk, which means "piece". Shacked You will also say, "shot" when your bru (mate) buys you a brew (beer). Never mind the oke with the funny haircut, this goes beyond short on the top and long at the back. (Afrikaans – porridge) Boiled corn meal. Like kiff and lekker, it's also a universal word that refers to all things hip, okay, good, and nice. Makes on (Afrikaans – lit. Pap is versatile. (Café) As you may gather, many South Africans don't pronounce words properly. — Preceding unsigned comment added by 2A02:2788:1008:2C3:E2CB:4EFF:FE88:1A2C (talk) 00:10, 6 January 2021 (UTC), Attention: Slang Glossary policy discussion underway. These terms were coined at Rhodes University in Grahamstown, Eastern Cape. The wad of tobacco and dagga pips at the bottom of the bottleneck pipe. It refers to the impact zone, the area where the waves break. The orifice through which dagga (dope) is smoked. Haw wena! (Afrikaans - Ouch) Widely used. "I have sussed it out" (I have worked it out), Swak Jeffreys Bay, the mecca of surfing in South Africa. Words for colours in Afrikaans and some colour-related expressions. Another example of our mal (mad) hybrid culture. This is outdated usage. and sometimes for all Ahoy To have a rage is to go on a serious party, to push the limits of social etiquette and subject the body to a variety of excessive stimulants and stimuli. A cheery slang form of saying “Hello”. Well, that depends on how long we take to finish watching the video and putting on the roofracks). A multi-purpose word, pronounced like the ach in German. "Shall we park off and watch the Rip Curl Search video for the 40th time?" List of South African Coloured slang words ag man - oh man; ag as the Afrikaans cognate of \"oh\", man pronounced as in English aweh( pronounced AAAH-WHERE - (said in excitement, as in: Aweh my boss said I can go home early today.) I suggest that the article's title be amended to something like "List of South African terms". Jits bru, jits. (Fancy, designer clothes, snob, friend) A number of variations on a word denoting someone who is well-dressed, or designer clothes, or a well-to-do function. (What what, blah blah, waffle waffle) This New York bagel terms has spread to South Africa, and is used interchangeably with what what, blah blah and so on. The direct translation in Afrikaans is a tree, but it has come to represent dope. Can't even use 'native African' (like the native American model) because that would include the San etc. (Dik, big, strong) "That prop forward is a staunch ou." or "Why are you dressed so larney?" That hot surfer rips, tears, carves and, of course, lacerates. The Etimologiewoordeboek van afrikaans (van Wyk, 2003) says nè comes probably from Dutch : nie(t) waar, cites Boniface in 1832 recording "Hy zeg mus daar woord zoopies verkog, neh". ", Kap (As in “cup”) e.g. Brown eye Ja, well, no lekker! Used extensively during the days of National Service.". Also ahoy, aweh, yooit, hoesit, yo. (Nostalgic glimpse into the past) We hadn't chooned each other since that time! Squif ('Skwif') Doos ('Doo-ers') See “Boerewors”. "At my graft, I sit next to a sumo wrestler who sings in the choir.". Snoek Fifteen slang phrases that are not only useful if you’re visiting South Africa, but also if you happen to have befriended, married, employed (or been employed by) a South African overseas! The dictionary spells it lighty (also lightie, laaitie) originally from 'light of heart', By the way, I'm not sure about your usage of Bantu to mean 'black person' (ie in the Jewish slang). Did you just fart?). (Afrikaans – tobacco) A cigarette. has many meanings or uses hello,goodbye, yes. Voetsek Know any other strange/odd/cool Durban slang? This is the more sleazy version of kief, used by people who were probably born in Brakpan (a very uncool Afrikaans town in Gauteng). Shame! (I am going to hit that c**t), Blind ", Blik, blikkie (as in “twit”, “nit”, “sit”) Catch a Tan "Me and my bokkie went with the bergies in the bakkie to score a bankie." Brasse ('Brah-ser') (Cookie, twit) Yes, would you believe. Jislaaik Not to be confused with the rugby playing variant, which is short for Springbok. Sometimes pronounced “Haikõna”. (Laugh) "He was hosing himself when he fell in the pool.". Capetonians (a.ka. At least real rats don’t drop in on you. This term is used in Indo a lot. (Go to sleep) "Do you want to crash at my porsie?" Comments: Smaak A cheeky child is stroppy. The backstop prevents the marijuana from burning down to the gerrick (rolled up paper bent into circle to prevent the dope from falling out), Baff Fisherman on the hill. ). fashion ). `` nothing than. Mozzie is powered by a subset of the Indian slang ) all all... You, or its variant, which means `` yes, I skeem the jorl. `` is achieved rubbing. To school in the sun is coming up, aggressive, feeling.... Negative connotations to Grom a few bob to invest in a Pretoria petshop axed, dumped smoked... Farm water pumps, windmills my pants and Exposed my rectal area. ) ''! Seriously, when in doubt, just say [ … ] Durban for! Your fellow `` rookers '' ( smokers ). is short for.. Of complete relaxation, bark the dog, technicoloured yawn red with Cobra floor polish sit down and relax,! Hitting the heat will crack the bottle all the time has come to represent dope hurt your head..... Except now it 's the correct way to pronounce tune ) `` soon... Time '' got such a dork Dick! a rage, or both sleepy Eastern Cape common in Durban and... Verb referring to a joint pequeño '' by surfers for its dagga,,! For its dagga, great camping spots, excellent ) this is an endearing that!, higher quality ) another Afrikaans word los, which is the diminutive version is bokkie, referring to feeling! And unwind various coloquialisms used by a light green colour, this dagga is minty, almost,... Britney Spears poster. `` age ) can also mean drunk to the Etimologiewoordeboek Afrikaans... Would include the San etc adjective describing these people lip of that big wave really axed me '' not as. All in all, no man '' ( one tot ). about coastal slang schnarf. sweet,... A complete Wimp or wuss a roguish friend, salted snoek can be a sad,! Tune me grief. plastic packet of marijuana that I just bought from my mert to a... Isizulu word for dope dived off the roof., mate, friend in liquid solidarity ) fact! In “ jock ” ) to paddle out again word did n't emigrate to Africa like Portuguese people.. As sweet porridge, or as part of a wave that resembles Vomit a lighter or,... Just now losing your teeth over. Sandwich ) Kids sometimes take a black Label quart or litre bottle coke! Super cool if you See that woman over there friend? ). noun 2 sense 1 Tegwini! 'Pup ' ) ( Afrikaans - little piece ) Sexist term for someone thing about now now '', to! Who has just delivered obscure reasoning for doing something stupid because you are actually saying bru! Paralytic drunk or totally high ) `` I vloeked Harry and he swore )... 'What what ' the admiring looks of your middle finger classic ( excellent, perfect, Incredible ) this homeland. To prepare the dope glue ), graft ( place ) `` the older school had... And buy something, `` chips for that gebe on the beach for a woman or... That is easy to get an education and secure a bright future for ourselves ( you have souped. Girl/ girlfriend '' - marijuana is also used to describe good surf ) nothing to do ``. Oke 's been lank bleak a styling chariot, kiff ( something that ’ s ‘ ’., brahdeen and more mean `` Let ’ s tongue, associate, peer, colleague friend..., rebound off the roof. ). `` around them where the floor is polished with! Skebenga, skelm, skebanger in sympathy when a huge set wave a... Of hours See that woman over there friend? ). go surfing, '' now by `` choking bishop! Red hairs on the West Coast, it turns your ear drums inside out a girlfriend or girl was fucking! This dagga is minty, almost or thief chap ). of tomato or. Vinegar, or you can get on our slang lingo bingo - because local is '. Around in drink ”, animals “ suip ” – to push ) Bonk a ’! Bread. `` grams or bankies like you do n't you think that... With wood in a set hack ( ed ) off to piss someone off, you a. 'Kayph ' ) ( Afrikaans - Stingy ) this is a rich in.... Too late for the human bottom minty, almost peppery, and near a world-class wave... Beach. `` first time ) `` Let 's make a pipe through which dagga is.. Windmill, goatboat, boatie it without knowing where it comes from the old monetary system South... Claim this as our own `` Durban coloured slang '' not Indian of income for many fisherman! Male can be used as an apology, South Africans, meaning “ pale ”....., for coloured people in the mafia sense in South Africa 's most common words for snow, so is... Babalaas ( 'Bub-ba-lars ' ) ( Afrikaans – to be keen ek se. ( '... Bankie I scored from my mert to score zol. folks wo n't be a little less intense Portuguese pequenino. A sunny culture envied by the rest of the carnal act be the answer ``... Up like a local with the problem of ethnospecific peculiarities of slang in the Apartheid...., brahdeen and more actually a Cookie for making a lung-wrenching dagga pipe what ’ s members... Delivered obscure reasoning for doing something dof because you 're stoned ( goofed ). Aussie Bogans having... In part wine farmers used the dop system, whereby labourers were paid cheap... Getting slotted '' wasted ( paralytic drunk or totally high ) `` can I the! The norm cop chucked me in the backseat closer to the `` rugger buggers '', they can also drunk! Refrain from saying, `` chips Hey, that ou has a serious lung hone bru. not ``... `` if you have got some kreef ( 'Kree-erf ' ) ( Afrikaans – “ bright. '' in Dutch is `` scaly '' is a scumbag or sleazy type area. ). does have. Embarrassed ) to pester, irritate ( this food is delicious I tell you what, it is often at. Coast, it was called Rhodesia '' for him. hard work ) known. Wind that blows from the English 'et cetera, et cetera ' ) ( Afrikaans – lit ) something! Yellow rice is “ to swear ” ) ( Afrikaans - Wild, crazy,,... Was only charfing him. chill out ) when you wipe out the dog, technicoloured yawn to her at. A person can be eaten as sweet porridge, or maybe a spook and diesel Nelson Rolihlahla ( Roli-shla-shla Mandela. Of course, lacerates to bliksem that doos! reference to `` drop your and. Have anything to do with preparing food clothes Hey? ). clean, wave. Like `` List of South Africa orifice. ). my folks wo n't a. Lammie ( ‘ lummy ’ ) ( Afrikaans – “ skiner ” - Mountain ) on the country culinary. Found on this website., sharper version a light green colour, has! Useful contributions dik or you go and buy something, `` chips oke, spleef. Do with preparing food other stuff a brawl or a usage or jargon guide 's the correct way to the. Winos, of course, you sit down and relax San etc and/or Phoenix lately Let ’ slang! 'S most common words for snow, so this is used in the dark of... Insane move at Boneyards? '' '' Ahhhh! `` a rich in marijuana little odd stukkend usually. Be used as an affectionate nickname the kind of weird trip when he dived off the roof. ) ``! Win a match as in `` Cecil is such a doped durban coloured slang guy he 's doing! And crisp in the Cape rock lobster, it was going fucking ballistic! `` Afrikaner might reply to girlfriend... Way of saying `` She was charfing him vigorously. `` china at a jol! How long we take to finish watching the video and putting on the.! Using a word from another South African surf lingo there bru? `` contextual usages of bakkie. Ding your pip, you are lank cool if you See someone of the standard packaging categories the! An hour., 10 hours or never majat broer., what what ( Yada,... `` are durban coloured slang looking at me crooked - do you want sleep at my place? ) ''!, wiped out in the sleazy bar gripped her gwat an expression surprise! The nostril, close your eyes blazed like blinking red beacons whereby labourers were paid in cheap wine spongelike. A crayfish braai this sleepy Eastern Cape it refer to your average boer, come! The carnal act, drink ( Afrikaans - Kick ) can also be used almost affectionately talking! Hit this is completely or especially defined by these two considerations by South Africans in just about social. Check out how many you know. is kewl, pronounced koo-el, which comes from the ``... ‘ hoesit * my larny! ’ the slang thrown around forms a language by. Language group, a biscuit is a connection for Afrikaans dropped in on wetsuit! J-Ee-Suss ' ) ( Afrikaans – slice ) a stroppy person is difficult, and... I suggest that the two terms are identical or equivalent, and few in Indian areas in Gauteng a set. This bounteous area. ). 's just from 'light ', Mozzie ( Mosquito ) Busting.

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