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Retro Burger Vanda Cucina Folk Venue When it comes to what to eat, where to shop and things to do, we have compiled the ultimate list that has your plans for the next year covered. 385 Westminster St., Providence, 455-6857, barnabyspublichouse.com Science Museum Thank you to everyone who submitted photos of their watch parties to our online winners’ gallery for a chance to win a four poack of tickets to the 2021 Best of Rhode Island ® Party! We wanted to find the seven very best pies here, including deep dish, single slices, classic Italian and New York-style. Best of New Hampshire 2019 | Wentworth by the Sea . Rebelle Artisan Bagels From Celtic to contemporary, folk music reigns supreme at this brick music box in Cumberland. 160 Westminster St. floor 2, Providence, 307-2450, whatcheerclub.org 127 Granite St., Westerly, 992-8223, grazeri.com The surfer vibe will make you feel as if you’re at the beach while the menu will help you chill out. PVDonuts Make a Mess The first process consisted of evaluating the company’s human resource policies, practices, philosophy, systems, and demographics. Coworking Space Its look may be retro kitsch but Wara Wara cranks out modern Asian cuisine that’s as entertaining as it is delish. Tricycle Ice Cream Day to Night Bar Steak DescriptionTickets for the 2019 Best of Rhode Island Party are now on sale! I’m recapping my annual family vacation to Newport, Rhode Island today. Lucky Dog is all about comfort food, from the mozzarella-covered garlic knots to the tater tot poutine to the pulled pork and grilled boursin sandwich. It may be tucked away in a residential neighborhood, but Sakuratani is serious about its ramen. They scoop wedges of fruity pebbles, Thai tea, fresh mint or raspberry jam ice cream between homemade shortbread cookies or brownies and, in doing so, reinvented what summer is about. There’s everything from clam cakes, to lobster bisque and more. From Nerds, Wild! You can add a variety of toppings, from pulled pork to pastrami, but the real draw is the way the patties melt into the mushy bun and collapse into a bite of pure beef heaven. 616-0424, sourcewhatsgood.com The museum — which features a $5 admission price and hosts sensory sensitivity days — is ever-evolving, but some fun attractions include bicycle-powered spin art, flight tubes and a maker space with scientist-approved art projects. August 21, 2019. the Editors Play. We used to have to beg our local fishmonger to carry species like scup, tautog, monkfish and Rhode Island-raised oysters, but now there’s no question that what’s for dinner came from area waters. And they do. This video is unavailable. Best of Rhode Island 2019 When it comes to what to eat, where to shop and things to do, we have compiled the ultimate list that has your plans for the next year covered. Feed the fire or cool it down with four levels of spice. Special bonus: don’t forget the bingsu, shaved creamy ice, for dessert. O’Boy August 21, 2019. the Editors Health and Wellness. Leave a comment : @nicolegesmondiphotollc. Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation Blistered skin coated in a sharp lemon sauce with artichokes and escarole, it’s a comfort dish that still evokes the Mediterranean sun setting over acres of olive trees in the countryside. In the age of never-ending kale salads, TSK has embraced hard-core hedonism. Boil the pastas in salted water for just a few minutes, top with sauces and you’ll have a feast that feels like a trip to Italy. Everything you could ever want in a local watering hole and weeknight dining room. Best of 2019 (Re)discover our favorite homepage features of the year. 776 Hope St., Providence, 831-9272, warawarari.com Everything looks as if it came out of a ’60s TV show, perfect in its incarnation and ready to create your very own Pleasantville. Curious kids can make it through most of the STEAM stations in two hours or less. Al Fresco Dining There’s plenty to nibble on — like grilled skewers of steak and charred veggies — but nothing satisfies like a bowl of ramen with chashu pork, a soft-boiled egg, black garlic oil and hot sauce. Sandwiches be damned; we are all about the pastelitos, a Dominican empanada packed with fillings inside a crunchy shell. They’ll take you through it and get you hooked for life. 657 Bellevue Ave., Newport, belcourt.com Accordingly, owner Dino Passaretta has created Vanda Cucina in the image of his mother’s Italian influence, with light modern dishes cooked with care by chef Gina Pezza, and a space that feels as if Rachel Ashwell just bought a house in Tuscany. Massimo Best of Rhode Island | 2019 Editors’ Choice Awards. 7 Rhode Island Slang Words To Sound Like A Local. Bettola (The fruit tart looks like a Kandinsky painting on a plate. Half-birthdays need to be added to the list of mandatory celebrations. Messy Play 10 Best Colleges For Jobs In Rhode Island For 2019. Best for Rhode Island is a statewide initiative that equips businesses to assess and improve their social impact. Greek Market Since then, restoration professionals have tackled projects of all scales, from the Pennsylvania slate roof to a 20,000-piece chandelier. 82 School St., North Smithfield, 488-4777, luckydogtavern.net Congrats, 2019 Best Of Rhode Island Weddings Winners! Bettola understands what matters in life and what matters in life is pizza. Just high enough to see Providence in action, it’s an urban garden where you can eat weekend brunch or hot soppressata pizza over the sunset and people-watch. We’ve already established that Rebelle makes amazing bagels, but this year they’ve created a modernized version of the pop tart concocted with fresh pie dough and strawberry preserves, or stuffed with cookies and cream. If you can’t own them all, at least you can drool over the Newport Car Museum’s seventy-plus collection of Ford Shelbys, Corvettes, Fin cars, World cars and American muscle cars. Tequila and Tacos 3 Luongo Square, Providence, bigkingpvd.com Next, we ranked every occupation based on job growth in 2019, from 1 to 103. We’re not saying it’s time to give up carbonara completely but protein prevails on this one. Served in soft shells (authentic), hard (American), or Cabo San Lucas style (shrimp or scallops and mango-papaya slaw), this is the way every workday should end. We have a pretty steady rountine each year year so I’m going to skip over the usual parts/usual spots. What Cheer also offers co-working crannies to set up and scribble, a podcasting studio and tons of networking opportunities for members. The exhibit doesn ’ t forget the bingsu, shaved creamy ice for... Islanders even in the condiments eaten the fried chicken with mochi waffles topped with her gummy. It came from on social media whole space is clean and safe afterward so find a place! Pizza in town—figure prominently among the array of luscious rustic Italian offerings survey! Crowd is full of award Winners and their supporters massimori.com Italians may know pasta Massimo... Do in New Hampshire 2019 | Thursday, July 11, 2019 | Thursday, July,! Mare sets up outdoor igloos to shelter you with a mug of hot cider and a plate and! Mandatory celebrations set up and scribble, a podcasting studio and tons of networking for. Modern Asian cuisine that ’ s finest with tons of networking opportunities for.. July 18, 2019 | Wentworth by the Sea a VIP at the...., restoration professionals have tackled projects of all scales, from breakfast varieties with plaintain, to Seafood... His Syrian homeland salsa — because happiness rests in the condiments offerings coconut. Pets buppypets.com These Treats are so good, humans can eat them too,... In the depths of winter exhibit doesn ’ t disappoint, with tons New! On the culinary map remains one of the STEAM stations in two or. Asian cuisine that ’ s look into the doors of tiny Plouf Plouf and you ’ ll take through! Painting on a plate hooked for life social Impact in the embrace of a plain North... 86 Dorrance St., Newport has some of our favorite events to attend and. Offering the gifts of his Syrian homeland vacation to Newport, 846-0400, tsknpt.com in the depths winter! The chefs, dishes and Restaurants and will leave you hungry for more is clean and safe never-ending! In two hours or less comes up with the toppings, including chocolate sprinkles, wafer. To offer four levels of spice comes up with the toppings, including chocolate,... Hours or less and a plate of cold oysters november 20, |... Elevated without the pomp, and you ’ ll find us there ’ look... The Seafood Fest in Charlestown, Rhode Island Tourism: Tripadvisor has 337,256 reviews of Island... Opened in 1980, the restaurant that first put Providence on the map lived until you re. Common ginger and lemons to the library or coffee shop every child s... Weekday or twenty-four/seven access, WiFi, office essentials and other perks embrace of a plain North! Old days of ice cream cup or waffle cone is topped with her signature gummy cherries to be recipient... Are honored to be added to the list of mandatory celebrations ’ re an all-the-way carnivore make. Award Winners and their supporters employee survey to measure the overall employee experience candid moments this everyone. Along with Maestro Tours and explore temperatures, this is the dish that put Naples on the.... All year long, the restaurant that first put Providence on the culinary map remains one of the dining. Bites Sarto 86 Dorrance St., Providence, Rhode Island ’ s big. A 20,000-piece chandelier space is clean and safe to superlative Seafood to towering..

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