Testimonials of CN Factor

Cristina V., North Bergen, NJ

I am writing to tell you what a benefit your CN Factor has been to me. When I was I had breast cancer that had already spread to my liver I was in despair. The prognosis was poor and the treatment was very aggressive. CN Factor kept me strong so I could finish treatment and have now been disease free for over one year. Thank you for all your help.


Migdalia H., Freehold, NJ

My mother, at age 84, after a period of months during which she had become very frail was diagnosed with lymphoma. Not only was I fearful of this disease, my thought was “how will she ever get through chemo therapy when she’s so weak already”? I learned of your product CN Factor from a friend who said it would help. This has been a miracle in returning her strength before treatment began and allowing her to keep up. The tests have shown a complete response and we pray for to her continue this way. She will stay on this for good, thank you so much for this product.