Taheebo(Ipe) Tea


Taheebo(Ipe) Tea : タヒボ茶(紫イペー)


Taheebo(Ipe) Tea

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81Taheebo is an additive-free, caffeine-free tea made from the bark of the rare Taheebo tree (Tecoma Curalis), which grows in the rainforests of Brazil.  Used for centuries by the indigenous peoples of the Amazon region, Taheebo boasts a well-balanced mix of vitamins and minerals essential for maintaining your health.


Sometimes used in South America to battle cancer and leukemia, Taheebo is an antioxidant useful in preventing diseases associated with immunodeficiency, diarrhea and intestinal problems, and can help you maintain high energy levels.

Taheebo tea is brewed in boiling water, and many enjoy drinking it mixed with honey or a twist of lemon.

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