Rose Hip Herb Tea


Rose Hip Herb Tea : ローズヒップティー(ハーブ茶)


Rose Hip Tea

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 Rose Hips, sometimes called “rose haws,” are pods that form at the base of the rose flower – particularly on wild roses. Native Americans have been using rosehips for tea for thousands of years because of its nutritional value. When World War II kept British citizens from obtaining fruits, they used rose hips as a Vitamin C supplement.  Rose Hip is best known for its high vitamin C content – a cup of Rose Hip tea contains seven times more vitamin C than orange juice – but that’s not all it has to offer.  It contains eight times more licopin than tomatoes, and eight times more calcium than milk.  Rose hip has twice the iron of both spinach and seaweed, and also contains vitamins B1, B2, D, E and a variety of antioxidants.


Rose Hip is useful for colds, flu, and exhaustion. As well as boosting the immune system, it can help ease headaches and prevent bladder infections. Because it is chemical and caffeine-free, Rose Hip Tea can be enjoyed by people of all ages.


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