Invel Bio Eye Mask


Invel Bio Eye Mask : Invel Bio アイ・マスク


Invel Bio EYE Mask

INVEL 138x43






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Material: Polyester 63% and polyamide 37%


Surroundings of eyes are made smooth by the living body revitalization alumina power.

Eyes express man’s feelings and energies.

Weary eyes express sadness, and eyes assumed to be living alive show vigour.

Your eyes might be shine according to this “Living body revitalization eye mask” assumed to be living alive from whom.

– It is Dr. Catiyaemicotaba, professor’s of Louisiana university

  Department of Medicine (ophthalmology department doctor’s

  degree acquisition) recommended goods.

Doctor of Medicine Catiaemicotaba(main career)

– of professor of present position * United States Louisiana university

California state Dohene ophthalmology department laboratory:

Chief researcher * Miami, Florida City bus com Palmer ophthalmology

department laboratory: Special researcher * Memphis, Tennessee City

glass body retina foundation: Clinical researcher * count country Sao

Paulo state Santa Carza hospital:, it is a feature of graduation * doctor’s

course * Puerto Rico university doctor’s course and Brazilian national

Shu of “Corticosteroid five-Housei of Florourashil in the glass inside of

the body controls the experimental connection retina new blood vessel

formation” in the president of ophthalmology department emergency

surgery medicine academic background * Sao Paulo university

Department of Medicine.

  • Surroundings of eyes are made smooth by

    alumina’s working.

  • Please use about 10 to 15 minute when you

    take a rest for driving that time to face the personal

    computer is long for a long time. It becomes easy to

    become tired because of  interiors of eyes.

  • As for Shoboshobo of eyes and expecting vigour

    not to be, it can be actually felt that eyes are vivid

     and sparkle by using it every day.

  •  It comes to be able to sleep soundly by the

     alumina power in one with a shallow sleep and

     one with short sleeping time at short time.

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