IMPERIAL Propolis 30ml/Btl


IMPERIAL Propolis : インペリアル プロポリス 30ml/瓶


IMPERIAL Propolis 30ml/Btl

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Suggested Use :

Before meal or between meals,

Take Once or Twice a day,
1/3 or 1/2 cylinder of spoit per time, drops
in a glass of juice,milk, or water.


Please fluctuate a quantity,
add and drink for your phisical condition.




Amazing miracle ingredient Propolis
naturally produced by honeybees and
spirit of the forest, which
means “the supporting pillar of
the metropolis for the bees”.


When bees are going to start to fill their
honeycomb, they collect sap from tree
leaves & tree barks.



Then combining this sap with enzyme
from the bees’own saliva formulates PROPOLIS.


Honey bees put this Propolis into spaces and
the inner walls of their nest boxes as a
preventive to bacteria and virus from forming inside.
(To maintain inside their nests a bacteria・free condition.)


Product produced using ingredients collected
from San Paulo and Minas Gerais Eucalyptus region of
Brazil are considered the best quality which
contains the excellent Flavanoid (vegetable pigments).


It is said that these natural antibiotics have
the potency to eliminate bacteria, virus,& mold.


Thus it can enhance the immunity in the human body.


By using this it will help to improve the human
body’s condition through reducing the chances to become ill.



Recently, when the reaching limits of western medical
science have being pointed out, expectation on oriental
medical science and popular medical therapy increases.


And propolis – which has an old history in Europe as
a traditional popular medicine, is receiving now
strong interest.


Many bioactive substances from propolis have been
discovered and reported.
We also have demonstrated the results of our research
concerning the macrophage activity and bactericidal
activity so far.


But this time, squeezing focus to the cell-killing effect,
in result of repeating examination, we succeed to isolate



In this substance, other than active macrophage
activation and bactericidal action, we have verified
a superior antitumor effect on each kind of cultured
cancer cells and in transplanted tumor cells in a mouse.


The Artepillin-C prepared for this experience was obtained
from an ethanolic extraction of brazilian propolis.

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