Green Propolis Wax Free 30ml

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Green Propolis Wax Free 30ml : グリーンプロポリス ワックスフリー 

Green Propolis Waxfree30ml

Green Propolis Waxfree 30ml

Green Propolis Wax Free Spoit Type

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30ml/btl  Wax Free Spoit Type


Suggested Use : Take once or Twice a day, 1/3 or 1/2 of cylinder with spoit per time, drop in a glass of juice,milk, or water.


“Green Propolis” is the Registered Product Name of the Sakamoto Bee Farm.  By running their own bee farm, they are able to insure consistent production and the strictest quality control.  Sakamoto Bee Farm has also been on the forefront of market innovation, producing wax-free propolis and propolis spray, which is easier for kids to ingest.


June Bees is very excited to bring you Green Propolis, and proud to have been chosen as Sakamoto Bee Farm’s sole North American distributor.

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