Water Purifier AQUA JB


Water Purifier AQUA JB : 浄水器 AQUA JB(日本製)


AQUA JB Model:Edo6-11

Water Purifier  AQUA JB
                        Model: Edo 6-11

Item No.JP068      $540.00

AQUAJBset1Some of AQUA JB‘s Features are the following.

  1. 1. Innovative High Quality/Patented

    AQUA JB has innovative high quality filters, several kinds of blended activated carbons. The water-hose is made by silicone, can be used for medical purposes, which is safe and sanitary. You can use hot water (up to 80C./176F.) safely with AQUA JB. In contrast, some other water filters use rubber-hoses, which is insanitary, and those should not filter hot water. AQUA JB is patented in 5 countries: U.S.A., China, South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan.

    2. Back-Wash Function

    AQUA JB does not accumulate toxic substances in the cartridge. Water filters usually hold harmful substances inside the filters and eventually those are piled in the filter so that water flow gets stuck and even emits bad odors because of the heaped up substances in the filter (that’s why those filters need to be replaced so often). AQUA JB has one-touch back-wash-switch by which those harmful substances can be swept out.

    3. AQUA JB’s Large Water Amount Capacity

    AQUA JB has shower function, and you can use large amount of water so that you can wash fresh vegetables so easily.

    4. AQUA JB’s Cost Performance There are many lower priced water filters in your local retail stores. However, those cartridges have to be replaced frequently; therefore, assuming total costs for 3 year/filtering 3000 gallons (use 1000 gallons per year) of water are actually more than AQUA JB‘s price. AQUA JB can be used up to about 3 years (11,000 Liters/2906 Gallons). Please see below.(*)

Toxic Substance Removal Performance Test Result

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