Agaricus AG7 Fine-powder in Capsule


Agaricus Ag7 Fine Powder in Capsule :アガリクスAG7 微粉末カプセル入り


AgaricusAG7 Fine-powder in vegi-Capsule


 80 capsule/btl
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Suggested Use : Before meal or between meals, 2 or 3 capsule per time. For 6 capsules of standard per day. Please fluctuate a quantity, add and drink for your phisical condition.



Agaricus is grown naturally in the Tapirai mountains of northeastern Brazil and has been used by the indigenous people there for centuries – a people noted for being remarkably disease free and enjoying above average lifespans.  Most edible mushrooms contain a high percentage of protein, vitamins, minerals and fiber – all beneficial for maintaining good health.  Agaricus is no exception, and after much trial and error, Agaricus AG7, the Sun Mushroom (Agaricus Brazei) was bioengineered to enhance the original Agaricus Brazei Murill mushroom in order to address the needs of people with greater health challenges.

Agaricus AG7 has the advantage of containing many forms of glucose in higher amounts.  Beta glucans help the body’s anti-tumor response by triggering the production of white blood cells known as NKC –natural killer cells, which attack foreign growths within the body.  

Because of its many healthful properties, Agaricus AG7 has been used to boost the body’s immune system against a variety of diseases. They are purported to have anti-carcinogenic potential and there has long been evidence that they help control infection in the early stages of the body’s immune response. The Agaricus AG7 mushroom has been used to lower blood pressure, decrease cholesterol counts, and improve both arteriosclerosis and osteoporosis. 

 AgaricusAG7, whether taken in powdered, capsule or liquid form, may be one of the best natural foods to help you fight disease.


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