Agaricus AG7 Dried Mushroom 100g/pack


Agaricus AG7 Dried : アガリクス AG7 乾燥茸 100g


Agaricus AG7 Dried Mushroom

アガリクス茸100g AG7 乾燥茸

AG7 乾燥茸

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Agaricus is grown naturally in the mountains of northeastern Brazil and has been used by the indigenous people there for centuries – a people noted for being remarkably disease free and enjoying above average lifespans.

Most edible mushrooms contain a high percentage of protein, vitamins, minerals and fiber – all beneficial for maintaining good health.  Agaricus AG7 has the advantage of containing forms of glucose that can help the body’s anti-tumor response by triggering the production of white blood cells known as NKC – natural killer cells.  Agaricus AG7 mushrooms are purported to have anti-carcinogenic potential and there has long been evidence that they help control infection in the early stages of the body’s immune response. They have been used to lower blood pressure, decrease cholesterol counts, and improve both arteriosclerosis and osteoporosis.

Dried Mushroom Net 100g pack
Scientific name: Agaricus Brazei Murill AG7

INFORMATION: The AG7 Agaricus(Agaricus Brazei)is a natural product produced after intensive researches through many years.  These researches were done to improve its quolity as nutrient and food complement. It may be used by people at any age, and adopted according to the response of each organism.

Tea Type 1 (tea of 60oC:140oF)

 * Boil 1 Litter (approx.1/4gallon) of water.
* Turn off the fire and measure with an appropriate thermometer until reaches 140oF.
* Then add 25g of AG7 Agaricus in pieces, keeping this temperature for 15 min.
* Take the pieces out and keep them to make a second type of tea.
* Afterwards, put the tea in the refrigerator and drink 2 tea cups per day
(200cc.each time) during the meal.

Tea type 2 (tea of 100oC:212oF)

* Put the mushrooms taken from the type 1 tea 1.5Litter(approx.3/8gallon) of  water
* Let it boiling at 100oC (212oF) for 30 to 40 min.until the water is reduced to
1 Litter   (approx.1/4gallon).
* After this, take the mushrooms out and store the tea in the refrigerator.
* Take 2 to 4 glasses per day, in the morning before breakfast,lunch,dinner and
at night before go to bed.

* Both teas should be used in the maximum of three days.
* Make the teas in recipients of heatproof glass, enamel, iron or ceramic.
Aluminium  must be avoided.

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