About Propolis by Sao Paulo Newspaper


Number one producer :  Sakamoto Bee Farm
Extra attention on the instantaneous effect of “Green Propolis”

In the era of “UNPRECEDENTED HEALTH FOOD BOOM”, the most trendy foodnow is “PROPOLIS “.
Propolis is compounds with medical value, combined from tree sap collected by honeybees and their saliva (a kind of parotin).
Medical people have announced that the Propolis is very effective for cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes and atopy.  Also it has been claimed that it is good for prevention of colds, stomatitis, gastritis, and besides it is believed that it is excellent for reducing uncomfortable condition such as pollinosis/hay fever, tooth ache, insect-stings, & water-eczema.  Thus it has caught attention of the medical field as a Health Food supplement.
Recently many doctors started to recommend Propolis.  The number of the doctors who started to pay attention about this product dramatically increased.

Some people made comments to us, stating “they had used in the past various Health Foods, but  [This is a miracle.],  [Unbelievable this is very effective.].  This gives an instantaneous effect, there was nothing like this in the past.”

Propolis produced in Brazil is especially noted for its superb quality.  Almost all such products imported to Japan are produced in Brazil.
The person who paid attention to this trend in the early days was Mr. Yasutaka Sakamoto, Bee Farm Operator.  He was the pioneer in the Northeast region of Brazil, and started his production about 10 years ago.
Mr. Sakamoto already had quite an interest in bees from his younger days.  At age 10, he caught bees and started raining them, now he operates his own business Bee Farm at Diadema in São Paulo.  He set up about 3,000 beehives in Northeast region and São Paulo area.  His annual production is approximately 150 tons of honey, and cultivates at 12,000 liters of Propolis extract.  He is one of the top producers in this industry.

Mr. Sakamoto’s trademark is “Green Propolis”.  It is Wax-free without the honeybees wax, BRIX40% of Green Propolis, and Prop-spray type, which is easier for kids to ingest.  They are all produced using natural raw materials at very sanitary production facility with regularly controlled quality inspection and further refinement of the product.

Mr. Sakamoto exhibited at Tokyo Health Food Exposition held in 1996, and most recently he was introduced on TV’s very popular program “Animal’s Miracle World”,
in June, 1998.  Green Propolis is known as the best product.  However in the market there are also found poorer quality products.  Therefore we urge you to verify “Standard Requirement of SIF”, and the address of the Producer, Sakamoto Bee Farm: EMILIA 11, DIADEMA, SÃO PAULO.



Amazing miracle ingredient Propolis naturally produced by honeybees and spirit of the forest, which means “the supporting pillar of the metropolis for the bees”.
When bees are going to start to fill their honeycomb, they collect sap from tree leaves & tree barks. Then combining this sap with enzyme from the bees’ own saliva formulates PROPOLIS. Honeybees put this Propolis into spaces and the inner walls of their nest boxes as a preventive to bacteria and virus from forming inside. (To maintain inside their nests a bacteria-free condition.)
This appears like wax, which is very sticky yellowish green to a dark brown resin.

Product produced using ingredients collected from São Paulo and Minasgerais  Eucalyptus region of Brazil are considered the best quality which contains the excellent Flavanoid (vegetable pigments).

It is said that these natural antibiotics have the potency to eliminate bacteria, virus & mold. Thus it can enhance the immunity in the human body. By using this it will help to improve the human body’s condition through reducing the chances to become ill.

“Green” Propolis is the Registered Product Name of Sakamoto Bee Farm (President Yasutaka Sakamoto). Junebees is its sole U.S.A. Distributor.
By operating their own Bee Farm, they have a consistent production system insuring the strictest quality control. Thus their product is the highest quality in this industry.